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  1.  Superb!


    I don't want to give much away here as not many people will have had the opportunity to see this yet in the UK. The story starts exactly where it finished at end of series 2 with Jaks trying to come to terms with his son being abducted. As the series unfolds it moves to Belfast with the Irish Chapter of SOA. This is a much grittier series than the previous two and delves much more deeply into the origins of the First 9 and the relationships within of the MC. There are so many twists and turns along with a few surprises. It's a great shame that Half Sac bowed out of the last series as we are introduced to new prospects to bolster the clubs membership who bring a different slant to things. However it's an excellent series with a long final episode that once again leaves a cliffhanger for series 4. Quite where they go with that though remains to be seen.
    Having been an avid fan of the first two series this one didn't disappoint, and the scenery and switch to Ireland really adds a lot.. The music also is excellent, and there are some superb tracks from
    relatively unknown Irish and Scottish bands which will surely become more well known as a result of this series.
    Anyway I'm sure by the time this series arrives on UK tv this review will be superseded by others with far greater descriptions of it. But I ain't gonna spoil it here! It's well worth the wait!

  2.  At long last!


    What more can be said about this film? Ok if you're too young, or have never heard of it, just do yourself a favour and get it. Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood both at their finest, in one of the best WWII films ever made. Set in spectacular mountain scenery with some wonderful performances. Look out for Derren Nesbitt playing a moody SS officer with such aplomb. Peppered with loads of good action, and a cast of consummate professionals who bring the whole film to life. A good plot with a twist, and a main theme that you will find yourself silently humming for weeks to come. Ahhh, they just don't make them like this anymore, and sadly they never will again. Get yourself a piece of real cinematic history and buy this. Worth every penny!

  3.  Superb French gangster movie(s)


    Vincent Cassel does a truly remarkable job in these films and both are really gripping from start to finish. You may have seen him in The Crimson Rivers with Jean Reno (Leon) previously, if not this is another thriller well worth watching. They are a journey of Mesrine's life, from Algeria, to Paris, to Canada, and back to Paris. With Gerard Depardieu playing Guido, a shady gangster boss who takes Mesrine under his wing. Both films are full of great characters and If you love good gangster movie then get this as you won't be disappointed. The fact that it's a true story only makes it more remarkable.

  4.  No review until now, but sold out.....says it all really.


    Do you really need a review for what was Messieur Besson's powerhouse of a movie, which also spawned the character of Leon? Now I know why I hate baths! If you haven't seen Nikita then your movie experience is incomplete! Oh, and please don't gripe about subtitles, they just add to the atmosphere. How many times has a foreign film been ruined with lousy English dubbing? Anyone tried watching District 13 or AngelA dubbed? Don't waste your time, enjoy the language. So, Nikita, a dark, edgy and often brutal thriller. So good that the dear old USA tried to recreate it and failed dismally, offering instead a watered and stripped down version with Bridget Fonda. What a waste of time and money that was. In short, if you like a good gritty thriller and appreciate what the rest of the world has to offer, then treat yourself to this. You won't be disappointed. And, yes, the Blu Ray transfer is a real step up from the original somewhat grainy original along with the French Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack which is just as nice! No extras though, just a stonkingly good film! Enjoy, mes amis.