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  1.  Introducing the Ja-Ja Binks of the games world....Venille


    Oh square, square, square what have you done?
    Firstly I am awarding them 2 stars for the graphics and a little bit for the combat.
    I have just played through the game and I am really dissapointed. But this for me has got to be the worst FF game released and I've played all of them since 7. As most FF fans know Nobuo Uematsu left Square and you can really tell the difference in music. There is no soul to it anymore, just bland Japanese techno that just does not fit in with the game or scenes its pumped into. For me the music always came second right after story with the FF games.
    Now talking of the story, it is so confusing and nothing is really explained at all. The Characters are so generic and steriotypical that you are not drawn to any of them, and when you feel like that about a character you just dont care about keeping them alive. The worst of all of them is that bloody pink haired character Venille. Worst acting and accent ever. All I wanted from the start was to find a way of getting her killed or at least getting to the end as fast as possible to see if the story would somehow work its way around to obliterating her. Oh and look at the way she walks and runs...... Square you have reallly dropped the ball on this one, fingers crossed you get back to normal for all future releases.

  2.  Ohhh yeah thats the good stuff


    Brilliant brilliant brilliant. I never heard of this film before the other day. I watched it and was pumped up the whole way through. So much action and its really good too, not corny or unbelivable. If you are anything like me you will be up on your feet as you watch it cheering Liam Neilson on!

  3.  Brilliant


    An absolutley brilliantly hillarious series. I recomend everyone to buy the first 3 series of this. Very very very funny. Kirt and Brian are an excellent comic duo.

  4.  **Demo** 5 Stars Dattebayo!


    Well I didnt know anything about this until I saw it in the PS3 demos list. Being a fan of Naruto for many years now I gave it a go. And I am amazed!
    This game is absolutely brilliant!
    The way the characters move is spot on and you cant see much, if any difference between the show and the game. The attacks they have is also very accurate. I cant wait until this gets released. I will definatley buy it. Oh and you also get the choice of English and Japanese which is a feature I really like since the english subs are terrible.

  5.  Jumping into my DVD collection


    Well despite the reviews that this has been getting I bought this. And I dont regret it. Nice little film in my opinion. I liked the way they jump and when they combined it with the action sequences, it was very exciting and well played. I will be looking at watching any future films from this franchise.



    I have just bought this after passing off all other games like this, thinking they would be crap. However having got this last week, I cant stop playing it. So much fun. Its a great feeling getting the song right and then you have the online stuff too. I really like being able to go on and have a faceoff with people. Brilliant! Buy it people.

  7.  Now this makes you smile


    I really do love this game. Yes its short but it does leave you with the desire to play it again once you've completed it. not to mention the extra advanced bonus levels, the last one of which I cannot work out.
    And the we come to the end credits. I cant remember the last time I sat staring at the credits with a huge smile on my face.
    I looooooove the end its truely brilliant. Since I cant say anything else without revealing the story I'll end here.

  8.  What!?!


    Well where do I begin.... As a big lost fan I was looking forward to this coming out, as I'm sure a good number of fans of the series were too. When it arrived I was very excited to get to see the lives of the survivors and mysteries of the island from a different perspective. Maybe 3 minutes into the game my excitement evaporated and I find that I am playing a very, very poor game.

    Terrible graphics from what you would expect on the PS3. Very poor voice actors take for example Sawyer who sounds like a 60yr old hill-billy and Charlie with the completely wrong accent.

    The gameplay itself is very rigid. When you run around anywhere in the game it feels like your running knee deep in quicksand. There is a tiny area which you get to explore, and even saying 'explore' is being generous as you simply have to run from one side to the other with no deviation of the path possible.

    The story is not exactly edge of the seat stuff and you know exactly what is going to happen all the way through. The Trading system is redundant as you spend your time filling up your tiny inventory space with coconuts and water bottles. When you go to trade them in there is only a few things you can get and you will never need to trade again for the rest of the very short game. And is it just me or does this not really accuratley follow what happens to the characters properly in the show so far...?

    The only thing which I did like about the game is the ending. What an ending! Why couldnt the whole of the game be like that. A real nice way to make you want to know whats happening. Unfortunatly that alone wouldnt make me want to buy any possible sequels to this.

    This could have been a real nice game but it has been completely ruined..... urm can I have my money back please......? :P

  9.  Very nice!


    Well finally a game worth buying for the next gen console. Stunning scenery, smooth and believeable movement and interesting story. As most people have said this does tend to repeat on itself after the first few assasinations. But once you get to the end assasinations they are quite fun to do. Take the time out to fully explore the world and enjoy jumping from table to wall to get there. With a trilogy lined up for this title I hope to see some more additions to vary the information gathering. Apart from that a definate must buy! So buy your other half some flowers and chocolates and apologise in advance cos this will keep you busy for a while.

  10. Lair



    Available  used  from  £1.84

     Well, just dissapointed


    I was looking forward to getting this game having seen the trailers for it. However once I got it, I found that it didnt inspire me to continue playing. I have now completed the game having forced myself through boredom to do it, and frankly it didnt take long. Short levels, bad 1on1 fights, locating targets and stuttering cinematics are the main pitfalls with this title. Leaving me with the feeling that I would rather attach crabs to my nipples than try and replay the game again.