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  1.  MW2 fanboys will hate this game


    Black Ops have went back to simpler graphics, simpler guns and simpler gameplay. MW2 tried to hard to impress everyone and killed the game but Black Ops haven't. Single player is good. Zombies are entertaining and online is fun. I feel like they have went back to CoD4 and went on from there instead of remodelling MW2. great game 5/5 much better from MW2. But fanboys will disagree.

  2.  Can't Put This Game Down!


    Love this game since I got it. The new physics engine for the checking is so realistic its like watching it live on TV. Also the new Ultimate Team they have is amazing and so easy to use and get to grips with. 5/5 from me!

  3.  Better Than GT? I Think So!


    Wasn't a big fan of FM2 so wasn't sure if I should get this but am glad I made the right choice! Graphics amazing, cars beautiful and tracks stunning. well worth the money for the VIP stuff and a nice handy 2GB pen drive your your saved reply and pictures to show to your mates. Key ring as well is well made and nice and heavy. 10/10 for me! love it!

  4.  New to Family Guy? then this box set is for you!


    Laughs from start to finish! this box set won't disappoint. I Don't understand how the other reviewer can compare this to South Park, they are totally different styles of comedy. All round great, laugh out loud moments! 10/10 and it gets better every series!

  5.  Good but.......


    I've had this headset for my PS3 since the start and its good at times but sometimes it just doesn't want to connect to the PS3. Also say i am listen to music with the headset on to talk to people. it always picks up the music and plays it through the game, which can be very annoying. All round its a good quality headset but has some problems with it.

  6.  AvP......AWESOMEEEEE


    well got this game a day early and what can i say its just plain awesome! great campaign modes (3 campaigns) and 7 different online game modes! worth the money? YES...only thing i got the email for the skins when you pre-ordered it but when i put in the code it says the codes of Call of Duty Classic, dont know whats going on with that...but all round worth the money! must buy!

  7.  just plain awesome :)


    from old classics to new classics...it won't disappoint. 3CD's of pure awesomeness...must buy for club lovers

  8.  Great Product


    One of my favorite...ordered it large and it fits fine...great colour and quality! awesome shirt.