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  1.  There's nothing not to like about this album...


    ...and Dougal & Gammer, Sy & Unknown, Joey Riot & Kurt remind us why they're still the masters of the genre :)

  2.  Back with a scream!


    a slick, scary and stylish sequel, Scream 4 will please older fans and bag a few new ones along the way.

  3.  Titanic 2 sinks before leaving the harbour...


    unnecessary, implausible & shoddy, Titanic 2 is so ridiculous it leaves you scratching your head, puzzled by its very existence.

  4.  Stays true to the original...this one's also crap.


    Brad Sykes returns to write and direct once again, and somehow manages to achieve something rather extraordinary, he makes a film that's even worse than the original. Once again we have grade z actors spouting grade z dialogue, in a film which has a budget less than the cost of a packet of peanuts. However a low budget is no excuse for a film to be devoid of originality, and stuffed with defunct horror cliches. It's so bad it's occasionally funny, however most of the time it's so bad it's boring, and like the original it feels about 2 hours longer than it actually is. An opportunity for an ideal plot twist is also sadly missed. Buy this to see a horror film get everything wrong.

  5.  Camp, bloody, awful.


    Filled to the brim with just about every horror cliche you can think of, Camp Blood is a low-budget mess that can't even get the basics right...the blood...is err..orange? it also rips off multiple horror films that have done what this tries to...only better. The only thing that can supass its awfulness is your utter disbelief for the fact it spawned 2 sequels. It is however worth buying, just to laugh at.

  6.  Watchable


    A watchable sequel that plays by the rules, but fails to explain the many new characters that have sprung up from nowhere. If you're a horror fan it's still worth adding it to the collection though.

  7.  nail biting horror!


    Terry O'Quinn as the 'Stepfather' is dam scary! this is an edge of your seat terror ride...buy it!

  8.  Terrifying & relentless!


    Its a tense, fast-paced thrill ride, that will have you gripped from start to finish...its only fault: a padded-out ending...other than that this is a must see for any horror fan!

  9.  Good but lacks the qualities of the original...


    What made the original so good was how it didn't rely on much gore to be scary...this can't be said for the 2003 remake, but it's still quite fun and worth the money.

  10.  A pretty much perfect film!


    A powerful love story set aboard the doomed luxury liner, Titanic is a romantic epic that will sail straight into your heart.