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  1.  Not what i was hoping it would be


    Ive used Xploder cheats systems on various other consoles and never had any problems, but this one has very little to offer.
    The main issue is lack of cheats, instead you are given game saves to load to the sd card, which overwrites your existing saves.
    The selection of games on the Xploder site is very limited and it does not seem to be updated regularly.
    Hard to recommend this product, hopefully Action Replay will have another system out soon.

  2.  Ultimate Barker Box Set


    All of the legendary Ronnie Barkers best series in one box set. Classics like Open All Hours & Porridge are here with every episode of each, plus other series of Ronnies that people wont be quite so familiar with. Comes as a flip case and sleeve rather than individual dvds but this just means it takes up less space on your shelf, a bargain at 24.99p!

  3.  Triumphant Return For Mario


    Excellent Mario game,This is what ive been waiting ages for. The game is easy to pick up and play, remote in one hand and nunchuck in the other. Its like playing Mario 64 on N64 for the first time, but now you can run around and underneath the levels, theres loads of exploring to do and lots of interesting enemies. Cant wait to try Mario Galaxy 2!

  4.  Kirby with a new twist!


    Kirby is back, but not as we remember him. The game is layed out like everything is made of cloth and string, which may sound strange but it works really well. You can pull zips and parts of the level fall open or pull on a cord and move parts of the levels closer to you. It sounds different but you wont regret buying this game, lots of items to unlock and collect, you can tell a lot of thought has gone into it. Graphics are awesome, especially if you are using the Component Cable & HDTV Mode. 10 out of 10!

  5.  Good price for Game & Remote


    This is a good package if you are after a new controller, as you get the Flingsmash game for little more than the standard remote price. High quality Official Nintendo Black Remote Plus is excellent and the game itself isnt too bad. You basically play Alleyway/Arcadian where you destroy blocks and collect coins by hitting the ball into them, whilst the levels scrolls sideways. It isnt a huge game but its bundled with the controller and its cheap so its not bad.

  6.  Excellent Price & Nintendo Quality


    You cant beat Official Nintendo items for quality and this is no exception. Much better quality than some cheaper makes, added bonus of motion plus being already built in keeps it light. With this and the pink remote you can have 4 players with all different coloured controllers. Best price from Play.com and quick delivery.

  7.  Quality Item From Nintendo


    I decided the review this rather than ask a question like other reviews. Being an Official Nintendo Remote this is very good quality and will last a lot longer than some cheaper makes. It does make a nice change to have some new colours other than black and white. Good price from Play.com and quickly delivered.

  8.  Ghibli At Their Best


    Another perfect film from Studio Ghibli, like previous reviews have said it does give you a warm feeling inside, its like Totoro in that you just want to watch it again and again. A magical tale of a fish who gets turned human to make friends with a boy named sosuke, who must look after her. Suitable for kids and big kids. Its definately up there with some of Studio Ghiblis best films like Spirited Away, and for a 2 dvd version this is a very good price.

  9.  Excellent Product, You will see a difference


    I was quite happy with the Wiis picture until i heard Nintendo made a component cable for even better picture on HD TVs.
    As with all Nintendo accessories you pay a bit more but you never have doubts about the quality like you get with other cheaper makes.
    Both me and my wife could tell a huge difference straight away and are very impressed with this cable, colours in Mario Bros really rich and bright, Mario Galaxy looks superb.
    Im unsure what the previous review means about the cable being too heavy & reinforcing the tv; yes its thicker than the normal Wii scart but all component cables are. Its plugged into our flat tv without the need to reinforce (?) it, not pulling down on the connectors or anything.
    You change the Wiis setting in Picture to the last option, which isnt available to select without this cable.
    I'd give this cable 5 Stars as the quality is excellent, you will see a huge difference and its quickly delivered by Play.

  10.  You Know What Youre Getting, Just Buy It :)


    Anyone who complains that this is too much "Like Old Mario" why did you buy it? Its obvious from the TV advertising that its old style Mario, and thats no bad thing.
    Those who played New Mario Bros on the DS will know what to expect, a Fantastic updated version of classic Mario. The levels are interesting, brightly coloured and well designed. With old enemies and new.
    Marios new skills from the DS version are still here (eg wall jumps) and there are new power ups like Ice Flower, Penguin Mario & more.
    Bowsers kids are the levels bosses and i`ll show my age by saying i remember them from Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES (yes i know 1990 ish lol)
    An excellent game, if you`re a fan of mario for ages Buy This, if you havent played before this is a great place to start. 5 Stars