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  1.  PERFECT!!


    This game is great, couldn't be bettered.

    Good points:

    Knifing is fun and now with the perk 'commando' you can dislocate your arm and stab somebody 15 feet across the room whist they are spraying bullets into your chest.

    Kill Cam:

    It's so fun seeing who killed you so you can act revenge. They can't camp/snipe in one spot as you will just return to the place you were killed and kill them. Snipers are left almost redundant.

    Perks Marathon-Lightweight-Commando.

    This combination means that any budding Lindford Christies out there can flourish. Who need an assault rifle when you can run constantly with heavy kit on dodging bullets and slashing people on the pinky toe for an easy kill.

    Noob Tubes\ 203 Grenade Launcher.

    Can't aim? Have a shaky hand?

    No fear. You can aim 10 yards past an opponent and still get a kill. In fact you can just stand on a building waiting for an unfortunate enemy to wonder past and BAM!!

    No dedicated servers. No customisable maps.

    GREAT, wouldn't customising games to suit your style of play be fun? Changing spawn limits, map rotation etc?

    Bad Points:

    None, this game is Great!!

  2.  Demo is an old version of FNight. FullGame looks promising.


    I've been looking forward to FNR4 for a long time. Round 3 was excellent graphically but the depth of the game was poor and the game-play was somewhat shallow. The AI was utterly awful and this lead to the game having no replay value.

    Enter fight Night r4 and it looks like they have improved on almost everything.

    The good.

    The graphics have been tweaked. (no surprise there Ea)

    The roster is very good, the biggest ever roster. Lewis, Tyson and Calzaghe included.

    SLIDERS are added! You can adjust the computers AI: workrate/ defensive/offensive AI. Damage, power and Referee sliders.
    This adds to the longevity and makes a more realistic and harder game. (no stamina sliders but that could be added.

    Commentary sounds good, could get repetitive but it's solid.

    Legacy mode looks MUCH deeper. (news to follow)

    Create a boxer looks handy, the fighters that didn't make it into the game can be realistically created.

    1 punch KOS. The parry has been taken away. (replaced with a less ennoying weaving motion.

    The bad.

    The corner game is a bizzare addition. Your fighter can "buy" stamina after a round. Not only can he buy it he can choose how much he want's to replenish. Stamina is a something shouldn't be bought, very arcadey.

    Footwork seems unresponsive. This issue has been addressed, we'll see.

    No announcement of the winner after 12 rounds of boxing. After the fight the camera pans to the winner of the fight before the announcement is even made, this is terrible!

    All in all this looks like a big step forward for Fight fans. I'm hoping for a game with longevity, is this it?

    Lets wait and see!

  3.  Unique


    I'm a fan of 1st person shooters. This game blends all of the best parts of the shooter genre into one game. I like the cut scenes but they could have been shorter. One thing that I'm not so fond of with the metal gear franchise is the Boss levels. I find them forced and unrealistic. Apart from the bosses and the sometimes bizarre storyline this game is near perfect. I like the stealth aspects of the game and you can also go "loud," occasionally.

    There is so much customisation available in this game. I like the way you can buy and use so many different weapons. I have not completed it yet so I don't know the ending. I hope that they make another game. I'm guessing Snake kicks the bucket so they'll have to make it a prequel!

  4.  Much better!


    After the poor attempts that were PES 6 and 2008 I have a game that plays well and is a joy to play.

    After each PES release early reviews are predictably unforgiving. It takes time to get used to and understand the game; much frustration is vented because of the transition from games.

    PES6 was utterly disappointing. No edit mode, no transferable players, a shambles that was exchanged within a day of me playing it. PES 2008 had better success lasting for weeks before it's ejection out of the fourth floor window.

    This version has an excellent edit mode. Yes. Konami doesn't have full licences but you can download all of the edited kits via a zip file onto your PS3. The editing must have taken somebody weeks and the kits look perfect. Defending is much better and refined than in 08's version and the game looks so much more pleasing on the eye. Online has improved and rarely suffers from unplayable lag.

    The lack of Licenses doesn't bother me as the edit mode is sufficient to counter this. The menu system is still poor and the music is only slightly better than previous attempts.
    A big let down is the Master League. Each year they make little if no changes to the format. It becomes boring.

    Online is where the game excels. Playing other people is much more challenging and satisfying than it is against the computer IA.

    When you play online you have to use Konami's database and their opinion on players attributes which is quite bluntly, scandalous.
    I like to play around with players attributes but online they are reverted. Some players are massively under and over-rated. When I play online it's apparent. It's hard to beat sub-standard players with teams that aren't Man Utd, Inter or Barca!

    Apart from the questionable rating of players this is a step in the right direction for PES.

  5.  5 STARS!


    Great buy, cheap, effective and comfortable. I agree with the other reviewer. " these should be standard issue." The PS3 should make the L/R 2 buttons like this product.

    The only negative is that on most shooter games the shoot button is R1 not R2. Hopefully newer games can adapt to this and make the R2 button the primary trigger.

  6.  Peace of mind at last!


    I have just bought a PS3 80gb console it has replaced my aging XBOX360.

    I had an XBOX360 for three years. I've had some great times with this console but I've also had some frustrating times. It couldn't play some of my games, it would just crash. (GRAW 2, tiger woods, GTA4 etc.) It was time for a change. At £279.99 the PS3 is now affordable.

    Plusses. Virtually sound free. You can hardly hear the console operate. The console is very reliable and doesn't over heat.
    Online is completely free. I can search the internet on my 37" screen! Blue Ray. It also plays my WMP files. Games do not scratch and break. (my XBOX360 destroyed some games, the laser became ineffective.) Wireless connection, pads are blue tooth compatible.

    Cons. I personally prefer the XBOX controller. Heavier and more robust.

    Online gaming is not as good asXBOX live but it's free. (plus and minus)

    Some of the games on the XBOX36 boast slightly better graphics. (titles that have converted to the Playstation)

    All in all I am extremely happy with this console. Well worth the extra cash.

  7.  What a con. A ticking timebomb.


    I've had four of these headsets now. I treat them with coton woolled gloves. All four have broken and now I don't use them.

    I have come to the conclusion that these official headsets are purposefully built to break. So much money is made from people buying their 2nd and 3rd plus heaset. Why would microsoft change this money making idea?

    I would advise people to keep their receipt!

    Advantages. Cheap. (for one unit)

    The sound quality is good.

    Makes other headsets look brilliant.

  8.  Good solid game. Minor graphical issues.


    I played the title on the Xbox360 and I was impressed. I liked the new attribute system. It's not perfect but it's much better than the previous versions. The club feedback is also a welcome addition.

    I recently bought a PS3 as my XBOX360 gave up the will to live.
    I rented out TW2009 on the PS3 and I noticed that the graphics and most notably the player animations are substandard. I used the same HD.TV with both games XBOX360/PS3 and can't understand why the graphics differ so much.
    (in a press release EA said the game and graphics are identical!

    The golfer animations have no clear definition around the golfer. You can clearly see the pixels as blocks, it looks worse than other PS2 titles. (out-line of golfers not graphics)I will rent out the game again as I'm hoping this is a problem with the disc.

    Apart from the shabby player animations this is a good game. Not much has changed from previous incarnations. The commentary is dull and flat and the trees look pedestrian and lifeless. There is no competition to the TW series which is a shame as I'm sure EA would be forced to push the boundaries.

    Some games are in production for years and benefit from the extra time at their disposal. Games like TWs FIFA and PES come out every year and in my opinion don't get the attention that such titles deserve. I would like to see a two-year cycle for such games, with patches updating golfers and courses. ££££££££££££££££££££££
    Will insure that this doesn't happen however.

  9.  "Can this game get any more realistic?" Is that a joke??


    I bought COD4 one month ago and have completed the one player mode three times and have got up to rank 28 on multiplayer.

    I rate the single player mode very highly, although short, Veteran mode will give you a longer and a tougher experience. I have played all of the Call of Duty games and have not enjoyed the gun and run aspect of the series. Veteran on single player counters this , but the problem is on multiplayer.

    The fourth instalment is essentially still the same game, tactics and believability have been swept aside for the cosmetic elements of the game.
    I bought the Special Edition COD4 game and loved the DVD features but struggle for the motivation to play the Mp mode.

    I thought that a 9mm round to the head or face would kill a soldier and a 7.62 calibre would take your head off, not on multiplayer. People are equipped with advanced gear from Batman, Kevlar face guards ensure that multiple rounds are needed. There is an option to knife and kill with one click of the button. PLEASE!! SOP in Special forces does not included using a knife for combat, let alone running around like a chicken, stabbing someone in the toe and instantly killing him. "knifes are used for cutting parachute cords or rope, not for combat."
    Sergent for the 22nd Regiment SAS.
    Soldiers seem to sprint even though they carry heavy cumbersome kit: Belt kit, primary and secondary weapons, body armour, etc. Then there are the perks. Arcady and fun, yes, realistic no. (in free for all) You do not lose any points for dying so one tactic commonly used on MP is to die, just to get the perks back. Surely maintaining life is just as important as a kill, no, more important. For a game in production for four years, it has to be easy enough for all gamers to warrant paying their cash. Make it too hard and the sales get hit. Hardcore mode doesn't compensate for this.

    This might sound like a Rant rather than a review but i can not associate this game with realism.

    For a Call of Duty Game i give it 5 STARS: Graphics, sound, atmosphere, locations, presentation and action. Excellent. 5 stars.

    For innovation and Originallity. It hasn't touched or even pushed any bounderies.
    Games like this should set benchmarks for other developers or the industry will not progress in the manner it should.
    Lets hope that there is not a Call of Duty: Cold War!! Or another Call of Duty WW2. (in the next few years)

    All in all this game is very good, it didn't win game of the year by mistake, i'm glad i bought it. It's fun but i'm waiting for something exceptional. This is not it.