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  1.  Brilliant


    In a gaming world where only Call Of Duty, and Call Of Duty clones are praised by gamers it's hard to find a gem, but every now and again you find a game that breaks that. Deadly Premonition is just that, first off i would say it's for a true gamer. By this i mean that, if graphics and dated controls bother you don't play it.

    The Graphics are very PS2, but it somewhat works with the game. The game is very Silent Hill esque and when im playing it reminds me of Alan Wake.

    It gives a nice break away from the norm of casual games that are on the 360 now, so give it a try if you are a true gamer.

  2.  To The Point


    If your sick of pretty much only being able to play some sort of modern day war shooter on your Xbox 360 like me and are a fan of truly stunning games, then get Alan Wake. It is the greatest game i have played on the 360, the story is award winning not just for a game but just on how original and compelling it is. I honestly couldn't put this game down , it's sad when today's market is full of copy cat shooters that get all the praise, when it's games like Alan Wake that should be leading the pack. I urge you to buy this if you even remotely enjoy playing video games.

  3.  I LOVE MY IPOD!!!!!


    I have wanted an Ipod since they came out, and after years of me buying " fake ipods" i thought it was time to suck it up and buy one. And i am so pleased with this purchase. It's a straight music player, just what i wanted. People who don't like it because of the loss of video camera on the nano version are a little lost thats not what having an ipod is about, you can take pictures with a phone ? and if you wanted your ipod to take photos ect.. buy the touch model. The size is perfect its nice and small " Cute " if you will and the touch screen is easy to get used to , which i am glad about as i could never work the wheel on the old ipods when i used to use my friends. So if you want a small sized very decent music player, look no futher as you have found it in the new ipod nano :)

  4.  Gives reason once again to say " this is why im into games"


    Think i should start off and say that yes, i was a fan of the first game. The original mass effect was a good game but there was just something that made it a little dull at times to play. Enter Mass Effect 2's brilliance. They have updated and tweaked things, that were down points of the original. For example the actual fighting in the game has been redone, and now instead of dreading another dreary gun-battle you cant wait to get in a firefight. I was shocked when i opened the case for the first time to find, two disc's. I thought this game is going to be long, and it was. The first game took me 9 Hours to complete. Mass Effect 2 clocked 20 hours on my 360 and that was me just playing through the game. The Graphics are stunning, and some of the camera shots and scenery are truely jaw-dropping. I know that its very early on but, Game Of The Year anyone ??