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  1.  You get what you pay for.


    First off, this is a great webcam, 10megapixels for this price range is great, especially with the built in mic which is really sensitive.

    However, it has many drawbacks:
    No auto focus.
    The zoom is awfull (Just enlarges image and crops edges, kills the quality)
    The lights are useless and stay on even when the PC is off.

    It is a good webcam, however auto focus would have been nice, and it's kinda a pretty standard feature.

    Don't let these minor flaws put you off, it is by far a very good product, visually, it is great, amazing detail, the clip is extremely strong, even with my tiny flatscreen it stays there tight and is fully adjustable if you want to just leave it on the desk.

    Also, please note, that while it says 'driver free' it comes with drivers on a mini-Disk, which take all of 1 minute to install, and it happily works on my Windows 7 64bit after installing it. (Mini-Disks fit all regular normal sized disk drives)

    Anyway, yeah, great product, a few limitations, but for this price, it's gold.

  2.  Excellent


    First impression is that it looks very sexy in red and black... then I noticed that the slideing clip that stops the metal contact slidieng in and out is very strong and wont give up when you try to put it in your PC which was what I was worried about.

    I see people whineing about speed. Then I wonder why they brought a 16GB memory stick for 15pounds to complain about the speed...

    While it is not the fastest it's huge size more than makes up for it, and at this price, you 'can not' complain, besides, I've had mine with me going back and forth to college shareing a pocket with headphones, keys, and a phone, it has more than stood the test of time and has yet to fall apart after a few months.

    Besides, the transfer speeds aren't even that bad, they're not the fastest no, but I can transfer 1.5GB in about 5minutes, that's completely acceptable.

  3.  The Best Dance Album.


    I am a great fan of dance music, and I have never heard a better selection of classic, and truly good classic dance music.

    I could spend entire days listening to this lol, and with just over 200minutes of song it's not about to get repetitive.

    I own a digital copy of this, I don't care I want the case, it's that great.

  4.  Good, then... not so good.


    At first it was great, my mother had a major surgery so I thought I'd get her one to speed her recovery.

    While at first the smell of lavender was entoxicating, eventually it disapated, both of which things are exceptable...

    However, eventually, it started to smell extremely bad... I have no idea why, a very wheaty/farm like smell, it had an uncanny knack for triggering my gag reflex...

    I have a very dim gag reflex as I have a dog and a niece which both make mess with less than a lovely smell, however this seemed to get me chocking on air like nothing.

    Definatly try it if you plan to somehow compliment the smell once it starts to... 'decay', otherwise, you'll have it for about a month and a half before you want to suffocate yourself.

  5.  Great


    It's sturdy, well built, and does exactly what it's supposed to do.

    The aluminium is extremly shiny and it is very well built with no weaknesses or other disapointments.

    Definatly Recommend.

    Oh as a side note, the little autumn stick stock photo also has the measurements on it incase you forget when it comes to printing time which is handy.

  6.  Not Bad... Well...


    I got it because mostly, I wanted a hip flask, they're cool, classical, but slighlty nerdy at the same time.

    But I was slightly disapointed, the seams and edges of the flask were extremly rough which seems as if it has bad built quality, and the hinge cap is wobbly and seems barely put together...

    It holds liquid and doesn't spill, it also has a nice shiny chrome finish and doesn't make vodka taste like metal, if that's all your looking for, then definatly get this product.