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  1.  Still one of the best games


    Uncharted Drakes Fortune was always going to be a tough one to follow but I must say Uncharted 2 Among Thieves is even better. The game play, graphic, cinematic scenes absolutely break taking and really shows off the PS3 capabilities.

    Still one of the best game series around and only a hand full of games can be compared to this brilliant game.

  2.  COD4 MWII . Beast of a game


    I got this game the day it came out and after a day playing it I thought this was a slight improvement on the previous Modern Welfare but after countless hours of playing Modern Welfare 2 men MW2 blows away MW1 and the rest of those mediocre FPS game out of the water. Agree with people that say this game creates relationship problem I too found myself talking to my girlfriend less and spending more time with my PS3 in the first few weeks thankfully that has been resolved LOL.

    What is there not to like about this game Guns look and sound more destructive maps look ridiculously good equipments accolades and game play breathless.

    Another contender for Game of the Year only Unchartered 2 and Assassins Creed 2 are they only other games stopping MW2 being a sure winner.

    Beast of a game

  3.  I fully agree with the last post!!


    I don't think krissyinterupted could have explained it any better than that (although I will rather give it an extra star). I too I'm a huge fan of the series and will always be. I grew up with SF series and was so looking forward to this.

    The problem is that I was not blown away by SF4 like I was with the others. I got the game 3 weeks ago and have not touched it for 2 weeks which pretty much explains how disappointing it is. I actually find Soul Calibre a better game than SF 4.

  4.  Best PS3 game so far


    I have never owned or played any call of duty game until now. This game was recommended to me by everyone on planet earth, now I understand why.

    I am a Tom Clancy fan I chose to buy Vegas 2 instead of COD4 because of the price and because I thought COD was over hyped but I was wrong because I think this is the best FPS right now (or was because I'm sure COD 5 is better).

    But I'm not slagging off Vegas 2 either because it is almost as good and for that price you could say their evenly marched.

    Verdict Vegas 2-- 4star, COD 4---5star

  5.  One of the best ever Super heroe movie!!!


    Like the title states "One of the best ever Super heroe movie!!!" and to be honest I don't think you will watch a better movie this year (with the exception of Batman of course!) than Ironman.

    It's been a while since I've left the cinema really excited after watching a movie (spiderman 3 to be exact and before that god knows!!!!). Very impressive, Robert Downey Jr who I had my doubts? gave a masterful performance the rest is history.

  6.  All the hype & expectation yet so Average !!!!


    Hancock was a let down for me because the trailer looked so good...Compare to the other summer super hero movies such as Ironman and even Hulk! I think it came up short. Compare to the blockbuster super hero movies like Spiderman and Batman (though not out yet) Hancock doesn't even come close. Could have given it a lower rating if it wasn't for Will Smith that made the best of a disjointed movie.

  7.  Gr8t Game


    I thought this game would be nothing more than a poor mans version of COD4 because of the price but its turn out to be considered in the same category as COD4.

    Graphic, Game play and online gaming is absolutely fanatstic and for this price how can you complain.

  8.  Good game but Dodgy Online play



    This game is very good....I didn't have the pleasure of owning Pro Evo 6 b/cos I had an xbox. The graphics isn't the best but the game play and skill level more than makes up for it.


    The reason why I'm not giving this game 5 star has to be the online gaming.....I think I speak for everyone who is about to pull the trigger to SCORE that is very annoying and irritating when your about to shoot in or around the box and it freezes for about a sec or two and before you can react to what just happen the ball is going the opposite way.


    That really spoils your flo and this is down to two things
    1. Your opponent having a slower connection (Coz I know for a fact my connection is fast)


    2. Your opponent having some super sonic speed of light connection that shouldn't even be legal.

    That said still a good game.

  9.  Never thought I would say this after returnin gm first time!


    I have never been a fan of online shooting game so I was quick to shoot this game down(I don't think Play even published my first review coz it was abit rude) When I first tried the gameI found the game play and graphics really frustrating to handle. I even returned the game b/cos I thought it wasn't worth the price even with the free bluetooth. But I then bought it and the bluetooth at a cheaper price and I have to say this game is pretty addictive.... Now I'm not one that can spend an hour or two on a video game after work mon-fri or can spend my free weekends playing hours of warhawk coz I find that to be sad and a bit geeky.....but my god I am fast becoming what I dislike the most which is abit disturbing?! Anotther good point about this game is the fact you can download new contents from the online store which makes it non repetitive.

  10.  Great!! another good game getting negative reviews!! Why?


    I really can't understand the negativity of some people....I'm beginning to think some people have nothing else to do but to criticise anything and everything. This game is excellent....graphics are really good and like heavenly sword and assasins creed I think this game can easily be made into a movie. The only slight problem if any, could be the control...I think they could have made is less complicated to allow more multiple kills but you will get use to it eventually.