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  1.  borat more like boraing


    I like this guy,he is funny clever & witty.but this quite frankly was a waste of my time & money.i am sorry to say this,perhaps i have lost my sense of humour you dont need to be vile to be funny.i was hoping for so much but glad ispent so little,very disappointed.he has done better & can do better.......

  2.  knowing.....this is a great action packed movie


    Wowow.i really liked this film. N cage not a great fan but plenty of i dont know if i really want to watch this,cgi effects mind blowing,mean dark & moody,dont take the plane or the train or even a car.i really hope this never happens.an unusual devastating ending to a film



    I remember the charlton heston film,that was good.but they have made this film very well,it wanders back & forwards to past & present.gives you a teary moment if you love dogs,a great buy.a great film,thoroughly enjoyed it.fantastic

  4.  blood E diamond


    A very open film to the reality of interacial conflicts & attitudes.even between thier own tribal communitys & the greed of corporations be it gold,silver,or diamonds,this film is not for the queezy,its got blood & guts.a truly real action in your face wake up call,diamonds are for ever a bullet is a life,fantastic film not to be watched whilst eating a tomato ketchup sandwich,well done di'caprio yet another job well acted & scripted......

  5.  cast iron.gold ingot award


    Great even on a small screen very colourful,great effects,you cant buy a comic nowadays for the price.i really liked this film,better than some of the other marvel make overs (which are good)brilliant,well done.to watch more than once kind of film

  6.  the day the director stood still


    I was hoping so much that this film would be as good as the b&w film,it isnt.special effects great,ol keanu good as ever.supporting actors good.i loved gort to begin with,why turn him into little metal locusts ??why the orbs,the orig storyline would have still stood strong updated.i could keep on why why why.if it aint broke dont fix it.you just ruin it,so much money so much talent put into this just to spoil what could have been a really good remake for 2009..a shame.i wont buy it,i preffer the original fantastic.........

  7.  there is a message to this film


    Magical,sweet,sad.this is a world of many things,seen & unseen,what you dont see wont hurt you (turn a blind eye)gotcha.i liked it,the price sold it to me,the film won it for me.turn on your heart to what we lose & have lost,said & not said..this film gave me a few memorys & tears.well done spiderwick chronicles

  8.  fun,sad a little,laugh a lot


    If anything makes you laugh nowadays its worth £6.99.brendan frazer is great in anything it seems.it all gells.not like some of its predecessors,special effects well the 3d specs do seem to give the film a few surprising depth effects,overall turn off your brain & enjoy the ride so to speak,i give it 8/10.its ok

  9.  davros best yet


    I have re-written this review,play 247 is now pounds cheaper than the official retail outlets on the high street ,and post free.come on people this is now a bargain,amazing build quality,sound chip phrases,every thing about this screams quality.fantastic.the creator of the daleks...you wouldnt buy a model kit for what it costs,or for what you get.buy it to collect or regret this one.it must be a loss leader at this price.i have two.......

  10.  reboot


    Of its time state of the art cgi,beautifully done,voices & character seem to blend brillianty.i have this on region 2 & still enjoy watching this,i am 48 this year & it still hasnt lost its magic,if you can purchase any reboot titles do so,they are all gems