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  1.  Metal as it should be.


    People will argue about metal genre, what it represents, how it should sound, how it's defined, which is " the greatest" metal band etc.Lamb of God, it seems don't give a **** about all that stuff.They don't try to "copy","beat" or "surpass" some other band.They simply play the music they like, and we all enjoy the results.One of those results is "Ashes of the Wake", yet another amazing album.With every song being original, both lyricaly and instrumentaly, and having unique "feel" to it.There's aren't any "fillers","less good" or bad song, they're all amazing and distinctive.Recommended to all metal fans regardles of their preferences.

  2.  Aggressive


    They wanted to make even more "violent" album then Sacrament.Well they did exactly that.I bought Scrament solely because of "Redneck", and then I was blown away by whole record.It's rarely(and I mean extremely rarely) that I like all tracks of the same CD,and yet Sacrament was one of them.Wrath is like Sacrament,in a way, but as I said even more brutal.It might fool you at first with it's opening track "The Passing",which is surprisingly calm and melodic.Then you'll hear the ominous scream and the exelent transaction to "In Your Words".Terrific guitars and bass,Chris Adler drumming aggressively,and then Randy Blythes brutal scream concludes the metal GREATNESS that is Lamb of God.From that point on it's raging inferno of a record.I could go on and on,but honestly no words can discribe it.I won't even write down "stand-out" or "recommended" track.Let's just say that there's one more album that I like from beginning to the end.
    Oh and the packaging is damn awesome as well.

  3. Endgame


    Megadeth - CD

    22 New from  £4.91  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.90

     And thus it is done


    The reign of "Rust in Peace" is over.While some will argue, they can't deny the greatness of this record.Might not be exactly "Rust in Peace 2" that everybody expected, but it sure is one of the greates albums of Megadeth and a magnificent achievements in metal music.From beginning to the end you'll be astounded by melodic, but at the same time heavy, riffs and shredding solos.Sure, you'll enjoy individual tracks, but the whole record is an expirience on it's own.A jewel in every metal library.

  4.  Variety is the spice of life.


    ...as they say.And if you're not into the "scary/screamy/hardcore" kind of music, then this is a good choice to take a taste.On the other hand if you are then you're in for a treat.If again you're a Log fan and you still haven't bought this record, well I fail to see the reason.

  5.  Classic


    One of the best thrash metal albums ever created.Along with Metallica ,Megadeth and Exodus, Slayer are one of the greatest (Thrash) Metal bands and this is their master piece.It's full of power,anger and ambition, and it is mind-blowing from start to finish.Not even one 'half-good'/'not bad' track, every single one is amazing and unique.If you liked Kill'em All,Bonded by Blood or Rust in Peace you'll definitely love this record.

  6. Toxicity


    System Of A Down - CD

    20 New from  £4.88  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.90

     Unlike anything you ever heard


    S.o.a.D. were the craziest band I ever listened to, but unlike other bands and artists, they are actualy good at their frantic style of a music.Lyrics are surely a great and entertaining adition, adding meaning and forcing the listener to think about some serious issues of modern society.A brilliant album.

  7.  One of the Finest albums


    Absolutely amazing, this CD is what all the albums should be like,great variety in rithms,exquisite lyrics and plenty of tracks.If you like punk,punk-rock,thrash or any other kind of metal you'll at very least like it.Raise your fists in the air and fire it up.