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  1.  No vest this time round


    The wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time....you could say that about Bruce Willis in this film or at least the Die hard tag. I put off watching this film a long time as I didn't want the Matrix or Highlander effect of sequels - not to mention prequals - destroying fond memories of the original, however I've survived and no lasting bad taste in the mouth.

    Unfortunately the premise that made Die Hard such a hit has been plundered by others so John McClane is stuck for places he can be out-numbered and isolated.....Can't go on a ship -Under siege- can't even go on a bus -Speed- so it had to be expanded. They may have taken it a bit far this time, however it was not as bad as others have said. It passed the time and I wasn't overly offended by it.

    The action's big, but doesn't grab you. You don't feel as though you're in the thick of it as in the original. As for the *relationship* between Father and Son .... don't even go there.

    As with all Die hard films there's some terrible editing. *Where did that key come from?* you may ask when you see the scene where they steal a car.

    Another positive is it's only an hour and a half long. Worth watching - then go and watch the original again......... surely the best Christmas film ever along with Lethal Weapon and It's a wonderful life.

  2.  A good starting point


    A value+ range that's slightly more expensive than normal figures were 3-5 years ago. I suppose constant re-tooling and rollercoaster economies, currencies & oil prices have taken their toll.
    The good news is Dragon have done two British figures in the range, although both look a little familiar.
    The uniform and equipment are a bit limited (as you'd expect in a value range) but the usual Dragon quality and eye for detail can't be faulted. I'm sure most collectors will have boxes of spares that need using up and this is a good figure to use as a base.
    I got this figure due to the potential to 'pimp it up' as the other in the range ("Terry Davies") seemed a bit limited in that respect.
    Recommended if you need to use up some spares and haven't the other British WW2 North Africa figures already.

  3.  He's back.....well most of him anyway!


    This is a fantastic figure, well sculpted, nicely detailed and an excellent likeness of Arnie. As with the able bodied T-800 more statue than action figure, but better sculpting as a result. The light-up eye is a nice tough (especially as it stays on after the button is pressed). Standing is a fine balancing act, so may need Blu-tac or something under a heel. If you like Terminator and 12" figures you've got to buy this (Hot Toys may do a better one but at well over 100 Pounds it's time for a reality check).

  4.  Nice try - Worth having at this price.


    Overall not a bad figure (especially for 9 pounds which is cheaper than the 6" figures). Body is good, some articulation points are limited, but this is a toy afterall. The head looks a little small and not the best facial likeness, looks a bit like a new friend for Barbie!
    Although I'm not a big fan of the new uniforms it is reproduced well as is the phaser.
    Usual quick delivery by Play and although sent in a plastic bag it was encased in cardboard to protect it (At last!!!).

  5.  More figure than action


    This is a very nice figure, but there is a BUT. Unfortunately action figures tend to be very detailed OR very articulated and there's not much in between.
    This figure is more an in-action figure with very limited and somewhat pointless articulation as it can only really go in one position. That said it looks good as a statue, although the face could do with a little highlighting.
    Given three stars as it is described as an 'Action figure' which it isn't

  6.  Classic Alien


    If you like your Xenomorphs with lots of detail this is for you.
    This looks like an 'Aliens' version, rather than the first film. Lots of articulation (including moving inner jaw and bendy tail), good paint highlights & sharp sculpting. Great poses are easily achieved.

  7.  1/12th scale Power Loader


    The Hot toys 1/6th version was too big and the Konami version too small (Although both are very nice) this is just right at 1/12th.
    Nicely made, if a little fiddly to assemble. Of the two versions I preferred the one with the rifles rather than half a Bishop figure (The Bishop figure version has a distressed effect applied which is a little clumsy in places). Looks good with the Aliens figures by Aoshima (This company), McFarlane or Neca. Well worth £28.

  8.  one to beam up


    This is what anyone growing up watching Star Trek in the early 70's wanted. Just flick your wrist, the communicator chirps and you're there on some fibre glass Technicolor planet with the rest of the crew. It plays the voices of several crew members and will even call you up. Absolutely brilliant.
    This is a toy not an prop replica, so don't expect something like Master Replicas would produce. That said this is 20 times cheaper that what MR would charge, is nicely made (The body is moulded plastic and the grille is metal), is very good value and as a little bit of nostalgia it does everything you'd want.
    Glad I got one.