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  1.  Average


    Average really somes this game up. The graphics are quite poor, the controls are a little complicated, the gameplay is a high point but can get boring after a while, the story is short and the multiplayer is nothing to shout about. I would recommend renting this game instead of buying it but at 12.99 you might as well buy it.

  2.  Best So Far


    This game is just brilliant to put it bluntly. Being a fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise I can safely say this is the best one so far.

    The storyline is great. Continuing straight on from where AC2 left off its very long with many exciting missions to complete. Ezio is back and a master assassin and a new enemy which is that of Cesare Borgia son of Rodrigo Borgia in AC2. Its a long story from start to finish and very good to play.

    The gameplay is just amazing. Running from rooftop to rooftop and killing guards in many different ways some you would never even think of. When fighting off guards there is a new fighting mechanism which forces you to take the offensive instead of waiting around for a chance to counter. Theres nothing more satisfying than walking away while leaving a few guards mangled on the floor. You can create your own brotherhood by recruiting citizens by saving their lives and turning them into assassins by sending them off across Italy to complete contracts. While doing this you can call on them anytime to join you in a fight.

    The graphics are spot on. The long climb to the top of the roman coliseum is just worth it for the view. All the landmarks from renaissance Rome are all there and incredibly detailed. Everything in the game is stunning the people, the sights everything.

    The first AC multiplayer ever made is awesome. Instead of fighting the usual COM you're trying to assassinate other gamers an vice-versa which makes it a lot more fun as enemies can strike from anywhere at anytime which is very pulse pounding.

    Overall 5/5. Its every bit as brilliant as the last Assassin's Creeds and even better taking everything into account plus the multiplayer. Without a doubt a definite contender for game of the year along side NFSHP.

  3.  1st Harry Potter game i've ever bought, and the last.


    This game for me was incredibly disappointing. After watching the movie and finding it to be the best one yet I decided to buy this.

    The story is bad. Its not really anything like the movie so I can only presume they copied the book instead which hasn't payed off at all. It was okay but was very annoying as you do the same thing over and over.

    The gameplay is very bad, its more like playing a bad gun game instead of harry potter. When you want to take cover it doesn't work, when you through exploding potions they go an inch and you blow yourself up. The spellcasting is very bad, I guess you could say theres a reasonably large collection of spells but not really and some of them don't even work most of the time e.g. expecto petronus to banish Dementors.

    The graphics were quite bad indeed, when randomly playing they're not too bad but in the cinematics (where they're meant to be at their best) are very much at their worst. Not sure if its because I have HD gaming but they were all blurry and pixelated which was just awful. The voice acting isn't too bad, the main characters (Harry, Ron & Hermione) are pretty much spot on but EVERYONE else is way off. (Voldemort sounds like a fat guy in a mood) However when you start watching the characters talk you realise their mouthes move even when they're not saying anything so don't get too excited.

    Overall i'd give this 1/5 or 2/10 and the worst game i've ever played, ridiculously repetitive, incredibly boring and a total letdown. Save your money and DO NOT buy this, if you find a good review about it (very unlikely) don't listen as I promise you it is awful.

  4.  Quite Remarkable


    This game as said in the title is quite remarkable.

    First off the story, not the best COD story ever made but certainly an interesting one which will slowly pull you in with twists and turns and sudden surprises, personally reminded me of the film Shutter Island, however this story is positive because as usual you can do it in co-op with a mate which will certainly make it more fun.

    The gameplay is very good, you have to keep on your toes, especially when online but i'll get to that later. A big variety of guns are inclluded as expected with the COD franchise. Assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, light machine guns, sub machine guns, basically, you want it? you've got it.

    The graphics aren't the best i've seen as with the other COD games but they are good enough, vast scenes some bigger and more beautiful than others are included but perhaps could be better. But remember COD isn't about graphics.

    Multiplayer. Now this is where it gets good. The new COD money system is very good. Its the same story with leveling as previous games 50 levels but 15 levs of prestige to get through this time. When you complete a game you get xp and COD money. You can spend this on almost anything. Guns, gadgets, killstreaks, facepaint, perks, callsigns its all buyable. There are more maps and more modes than ever before including new things like the game 'one in the chamber'. Its very exciting and is definitely the best online of the franchise. And probaly my favourtie thing about black ops, zombies are back. Extremely fun to play with new maps (one as president kennedy) and if you miss the old ones instead of re-buying COD: WaW you can download them instead.

    Overall taking everything into account i'd give it 4.5-5/10. Not the best COD ever made but certainly close to it. Perhaps a contender for 'Game Of The Year' but im not quite sure its in the same league as NFSHP and ACB.

    Overall taking into account everyt

  5.  Not Bad At All


    Avatar the game is quite unique. The overall game is huge covering all Pandora's regions and is very fun to explore. The gameplay is generally good however I feel its better when you're playing as the Na'vi. When shooting guns or bows it gives a view over the right shoulder and cuts of your view on your left which is a concern but a minor one. The graphics are great which make the landscape look even more stunning. There is good value for money as there are two stories (RDA & Na'vi) both of which take up to 20 hours to complete so it will take a long time to finish the entire game. There are a variety of faces to choose from for your character so everyone won't look the same. The in-game weapons are big in number and very fun to use as is the armour. The creatures and vehicles you can ride and drive are very nice e.g. an Ikran which is like a flying dragon.

    Overall Avatar is a good game but with a few tweaks here and there it could be a great one. 4/5.

  6.  Loved It!


    Saints Row 2 is a very good game. I purchased it the other day on a whim as I thought I might as well for such a cheap price. One of the other best features is you get to desgn what your character looks like which I found really good. The storyline is great and action packed. The missions are filled with variety and are very fun to play through. There is a large selection of weapons including a pimp cane with a built in shotgun which I found funny. The graphics are not the best but then again it did come out some years ago. The driving is too easy and a bit unrealistic. However in some ways this is better than GTA 4. There is an online feature but all you can do is join someone else's game and help them or kill them if you wish like I do hehe.

    Overall 4/5. It misses out on 5 due to the graphics and online features but if they were improved it would be a 5. Highly recommend you buy this as its cheap for a good game and you won't have to wait long for the sequel to come out in 2010 which continues from the end of this one.

  7.  Just Great!


    I have always been a fan of the Ratchet And Clank games and due to its predecessors I wasn't surpised at how brilliant it is. The storyline is one of the best yet and the gameplay is great. The graphics have improved a lot since the last and so has Ratchet's arsenal of weapons by being better in every way including variety. You can also play as little Clank at times which is also very fun. The game has comedy in it as well whether its just a chuckle or a laugh it will keep you smiling all the way through. Once you complete the game there is also challenge mode which lets you go through again with you weapons upgraded and the difficulty raised which is good as it increases the time you will play on it and you re-live all the best moments from before.

    Overall a deffinite 5/5 as its great in every single way you can think of and never really gets old. Loved it.

  8.  Quite Brilliant


    Assassin's Creed 2 is an incredibly good game. The storyline is very long, interesting and exciting which keeps you pulled in at all times, the graphics are exceptional and the sights Ubisoft have created are mindblowing to view. It takes time to figure out how to get to your target which is fun trying to find out the best way and action packed when attacking. With a huge variety of weapons and different techniques you won't ever get tired of watching your enemies fall by the power of your weapon. There are also different sets of armour included in the game which is a plus and you can dye your assassin robes whichever colour you wish. A money system has been introduced which makes it more like reality and better as you can go through the game at your own pace. Overall its a lot better than the first in every single way.

    I would give this game 4/5. The only reason stopping it from getting full marks would be no online experiences and not much to do after you complete it but still a must buy.

  9.  Uncharted 3 Please!


    This game was truly remakable to play for me, a large range of weapons, a great and relatively long storyline, fast paced action-packed gameplay and stunning visuals really make this game a must-buy for all. Plus there are no funny camera problems to put you off it.

    The online multiplayer is very good as you have head to head modes and if you don't fancy fighting off other people there is also an online co-op mode which can be very fun as well.

    Overall its a deffinite 5/5 for me as its quite possibly the best game I have ever played and without a doubt game of the year.