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  1.  Fantastic, Superb and a Down Right Awesome Read!!!


    Don't be fooled by the uninviting cover of this book, they say you can't judge a book by it's cover and it's 100% right with this book!! From the moment I picked up this book I couldn't put it down - a gripping read which captures the minds of all readers young and old.
    The only problem with this book is you read the final page you turn over expecting another 4 or 5 chapters but it just ends!
    5/5 Highly Recommmend

  2.  Perfect For Any Die Hard Fan!!


    I can't count on two hands the number of times I have watched these films. The first, second and third are truly amazing films which seem to get better and not worse with time. The fourth is a good watch but unfortunately not anywhere as good as the first three.
    Bruce Willis portrays a hero in his own right as he battles against the bad guys from the top of sky scrapers to solving mind bending problems with Samuel L Jackson.
    All in all a very good watch! My personal advice is to watch all four one after another to truly embrace in the experience!!

  3.  Can't Be Faulted


    Exactly what it says on the tin!!!
    - 100% Genuine HP cartridges
    - Amazing Value for Money

    My advice, buy a few before this fantastic price goes up or the stock runs out!

  4.  Perfect Iphone 3G / 3GS Case


    As you can guess from the title I am very pleased with this case. After buying one for myself and my sister I have also bought one for all my friend who have an Iphone!
    This case completely protects your phone without being too bulky and you don't lose any of the phones functionality!
    10/10 - A Perfect X-mas Present!

  5.  Better Again!


    Everything it could be and more?!?!
    Blizzard have truly done it again , i just hope the raidding aspect will be as good as the leveling.
    Bring the next one :p

    5/5 - Not even questionable

  6.  One Dissapointment but stil 5*'s


    After being a avid House fan for many years now and with the realse of Season 5 in America which is brilliant, this made a fantastic addition to my collection.
    The only disspointment is the season was cut short due to the writer strike, however every episode is as good as the last and the finale is the best hospital based drama that has ever been filmed.
    If you haven't seen this Season a must buy or get someone to buy it for you for Christmas.


  7.  Good, But could of been more!?!


    Well, I am a all round gamer and thought that this game would make fine addition to my collection. As short as the main game was, 2 weeks later I am still dueling my friends and trying to unlock all of the game.
    If you are looking for a game with a long story line this isn't for you, however if you enjoy completing a game infull by re doing previous levels and playing with your mates this is a fab game!

    Still worth a valid 4/5 Stars! (With the Wii remote it truly does bring a new dimention to the play style.

  8.  What a good summer read !!!


    After being on holiday for one week and completly reading all of the books that I had packed. My wife suggested that I should try this book. As you can tell by the cover it is a total "Chick-flick" however I was pleasntly surprised. This book is well paced and a very good read. I would advise it to anyone who enjoys a good, interesting read for their holidays.

    A Rated stuff, from an outstanding Author.
    A Must read :) (Male or Female)