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  1.  Excellent Video Game


    this game is based on the show which isnt that great but the game is fantastic.... it has co-op, multiplayer and free roam all in one, can get laggy due to the amount of other players in the area with you, upgrade your guns, trade guns and not forgetting the bosses are fantastic to let of some steam.......has loads of side missons and other extras....does get plenty of support from the developers and patches will come due to it being a MMO type game, you dont need to buy anything from the online shop if you dont want to but does have some cool armour etc.... trophys are easy to get so grab em before you can

  2.  Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse


    this game is fantastic and worth the asking price

    if you dont know family guy then this is a miss for you but if you love em then this is a must for any family guy fan person

    has 10 levels to complete, lots of trophies which are easy to get

    you can customize your charactor

    you can switch between stewie and brian anytime through the game apart from a certain one were you are peter against the chicken

    there is only offline multiplayer which is a bit of a let down

  3.  Could Be Better


    story is short, combos are easy as 123, bosses are easy and trophies is great for a few hours gameplay

    the developers need to not do another game ever as if this is the best they come up with then god help them and the gaming world

    no multiplayer apart from thestory rank system which seems pointless

  4.  Must Buy Game


    the storyline, graphics and gameplay are fantastic... the story is about you fixing paulies mess with helping out others in the soprano crime family and becoming a made man. its a shame you cannot drive as this game would be up there with the gta and saints row games, its mostly a talking and hit and punch game with some cool finishing moves with a respect meter depending on how you do well in the game...MUST BUY FOR ANY GANGSTER FAN

  5.  Demo


    the game looks brillant but its not worth more than twenty pounds due to it being a simple, easy game that a five year old could complete... release date was suppose be march 2011 but its out since 2010 in germany

  6.  Must Buy Product


    recieved the headset within 3 days of buying them

    tried them on to see if my head would fit and they fit brillantly and the mic is a good range and can be twisted or turned different without breaking

    the only problem i would tell you is dont have the microphone to close to your face as it sounds like your breathing heavily

    it comes with a bag to put the headphones in

    also the three cables are easy as they are connectors so you plug the headphone cables in firstly then plug the playstation cables on the headphone cables as its a attachment and the cable is massive

    you can also mute a player you dont like and put the volume up or down by a touch of a button

  7.  Fantastic Controller


    this has got to be one of the best controllers out there for this game... it has a on/off switch along with the white part turing red with a click of a button, theres two buttons at the back so the combat is easy... the only downside i can tell you about is that the up and down button seems to stick but thats only because its new and also ignore the other reviews as this is a must buy and lastly the controller is very very comfortable

  8.  Fantastic Product


    this controller is easy to use and is like the 360 version but better, the only downside is the padded size what crinkles your hands every 10 minutes into the game.. recharging is easy as it comes with a usb cable and also it tells you when you need to recharge it just like the offical sony one