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  1.  Under rated and unfairly neglected.


    I had watched this with very low expectations, the trailers made it look really bad and also it had alot of negative reviews. However, to me it looked simply entertaining. That it is exactly what it was. Of course, Abrham Lincoln was never a Vampire Slayer or was he? It is very hard to describe this film. It is very dark, has a very serious storyline. The best description I can give it is Being Human meets Buffy the vampire slayer. It has a very strong storyline following all the way through the movie. The actor who played Abrham Lincoln does a very good job. What I like about this movie, this movie whilst it is fantasy has paid and given a lot of attention to detail. All action scenes are well choreographed. It is an entertainer, not a movie that can be taken seriously. It is what is known as a popcorn movie. If you buy this on blu-ray the high definition is really promising stuff. I also recommend Abrham Lincoln Vs Zombies.

  2.  Excellent Game ...


    Hi all, After playing Heavenly Sword. I didnt think id find a game which would have me hooked again. I was wrong, this is pure entertainment at its best. It is pure platform However good points about the game is the life power ups you can earn along the way. Also the different weapons. Unlocking special moves as you progress through. The challenging point of the game is that each level becomes more intense. I love heavenly sword so personally i enjoyed this. Thumbs up.

  3. Michael


    Michael Jackson - CD

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     Longly Anticipitated Album


    I am a really big fan of MJ. I have followed his entire career. It's about time an album has been released with unreleased tracks. Unlike the re-hash that Epic has been making money of for awhile now. Hold my hand was leaked earlier this year on the internet. Wasn't really a strong as some of the stuff that MJ has released. It followed a similar style to This is it the title track. The new release "breaking news" which has been broadcasted on MJ.com This is more similar to MJ we know and love. I am not sure what to beleive as there as been so many controversies about whether it's actually MJ voice we hear on the album. So would like to wait and hear the real deal.

  4.  Nearly as good as the original.


    Re-makes are a really hard thing to acheive. Especially when the predessors have been a huge hit. I wasn't really sure what to expect. But what i did know is that i loved the original karate kids, and if they kept the story somewhat similar then it should be a good effort. I have to give respect to Jayden Smith, being a newcomer and very young actor he did show potential of a promising and potential actor in the making. However i felt he was a bit too young for the main lead. On the good note, Mr Han - Jackie Chan stole the show. He really excelled on his performance. What worked in the movie was the fact that the story was pretty much the same, however it wasn't a direct copy. They also kept some of the famous cliches with a new twist. I felt that like they should have updated the story a little as the last one was in 80s. Is this going to turn into a trilogy? Who knows? However he was already in Tokyo, so where would drey go? What would be the storyline? Lets wait and see what happens. If your contimplating about whether you should buy it on blu-ray or dvd? I say go ahead, you will enoy it. One thing i was dissapointed with was that the orignal had an excellent and classic soundtrack to match. Where is the soundtrack on this movie??

  5.  Better than the first. Not really. But still enjoyable...


    I now love the Iron Man franchise. Robert Downey has given iron man the cool reboot it needed. Opposite other favourites such as Superman, Spiderman and Batman movies his popularity in the cartoon series wasnt huge. I personally beleive that Robert Downey brings what Christopher Reeves bought to Superman. He has his own stamp on it, hes made the characther his own. It has great special affects, amazing action scenes and continues the humour of the first one. Also nice little surprises and hints about future superheroes flcks to come. Definately one for the blu-ray though. Why i have i given it four stars and not five? Well nothing is ever as good as the first when it comes to sequels. However they are still enjoyable.

  6.  Jai Ho!!!


    I for one really enjoyed this movie. My only thing with this is. Being indian, it is very toungue and cheek bollywood. I question that if this was made equally in india by an indian director would it have had the same success? We will never know. However the good things about the movie. It does cater for all genders, it has humour, your elements of gangster storylines, and romance. I loved although questionable the authencity of the film. YOu can tell that alot of serious research has been before the movie was made. Using some actors actually that were brought up in the slums was a genuine touch to the movie. All the costumes etc was brilliantly chosen as it were british asian actors in the role. Trust me, as a british asian myself it is hard to blend in back home, no matter how you dress you still look like a tourist. If you liked City of God. THen you should enjoy this. I will finish on one high note, that it has one of the best movie soundtracks by a musical genius known as A R Rahman.

  7.  Your telling me that this sucker is Nuclear???


    Hi all, If i have to say what is my favourite movie of all time. This is the one. Back to the future. It caters for all, you have your comedy, your sci fi, and romance. It recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a re-release. You can never tell that movie is 25years old thanks to High Defination. The makers of the movie had done an excellent restoration of the movie. With excellent additional things for us to look out for in the background. Also look out for some props in the move that becomes more clear in HD. It also offered some re-dubbed dialogues, and re-edited scenes. However it hasnt been confirmed whether the blu-ray offers the 25th anniversary edits or the original releases. The boxset also offers great merchandise freebies which once could only be bought at Universal Studios. Rumours has it that we also get a documentary on why Eric Stoltz was initially chosen as Marty Mcfly. Also we have a story board concept of an alternate ending to BBTF part 1. Because of its re-release in the cinemas first, i am sure that the translation to BLu-ray wont be as dissapointing as some of the other conversions that are out there at the moment. Buy it. This will be a collectors item.

  8.  No pain no gain ..


    For the price this is an excellent piece of equipment. However don't let the ads fool you. This alone won't give you your six pack. You do need to balance this with other form of exercise and include it with your fitness regime. It works your arms as well, which is what i like about it. All thought not particurlarly heavy, the resistance of the equipment really works your arm muscles. Its a cross between the old bullworker and 7 sec abs. For a fiver, i would recommend this rather than a big mac and fries as the other guy says.

  9.  A real review by a real fan, and not a wannabe!!!


    I have been a fan of michael jackson, from when i was jus learning to crawl. I have bought up on his music. I was slightly dissapointed when i heard that this is it was the album release we had been waitiing for. Which was lets admit it another re-hash of greatest hits. So when i heard the re-mix suite was out, i was a very happy man. This album is great. There are 18tracks. Remixes done by the likes of okenfold, and akon. My personal favourite tracks are skywriter, i wanna be where you are, maria, who's lovin you. Ben. Aint no sunshine. And dancing machine. The album offers great remixes along with some unheard or atleast rare tracks of michael jackson. So if you are fan, then this album i can gaurantee is for your collection. However, i am sure he must recorded alot of unreleased material, and i know he was working on a project. So come on epic, please let us have the album we've been waiting for.

  10.  Megan fox hotter in CGI.. If that is possible!!!!


    I was never really into transformers the cartoon series when i was a kid. I think i only watched the two movies and a couple of the toys. But what i love about the movie, it gives a complete re-boot into the world of transformers. Keeping the original feel, but with a new twist. I was sooo excited when i watched the first one. This one had double of everything, more action, more humour, more sexy megan fox. The only thing bout this movie was, sometimes there was more emphasis on special affects and action than story line which dragged in parts. Shea leboufs parents are hilarious and they actually have more of a role in this one. Again this is definately one for the blu ray collection.