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  1.  A must read classic.


    I have just finished reading this and must say that it is one of the best books that I have ever read.

    Telling the tale of Odysseus' 10 year struggle home following the war in Troy, this epic follows him as he sails savage seas, fights mythical creatures and escapes the wrath of vengeful gods only to return home to find his home besieged and is family under threat.

    Wonderfully translated with excellent notes this book had me gripped from beginning to end, although I must admit to having been lost amongst the names and lineages of the characters a couple of times I stuck with it and was left deeply satisfied and slightly disappointed to have finished.

  2.  Bargain!


    Brilliant little product, much cheaper than a new Dualshock 3!

    And anyone who's wondering this does still work after the 3.50 update.

  3.  And I thought I was angry!


    I'm a big fan of Giles Coren and this book does not disappoint.
    Written with his trademark blend of wit, sarcasm and dry humour he puts into writing what I'm sure many people think to themselves everyday. Brilliantly funny all the way through I found myself agreeing with nearly every point he makes, the short chapters mean it's easy to dip in and out of when you need a quick chuckle, highly recommended.

  4.  Brilliant for parties!


    i got a pack of these for my sister for christmas, brilliant gift she hasa used them several times, a couple of issues with them melting all over the carpet but once you've had a couple of shots you can just put the ice in your next drink!

  5.  My name is Bobby Funke, I write for the school paper.


    This film is definately not just your run of the mill high school film.

    Telling the story of Bobby Funke an aspiring journalist trying to solve the mystery of the stolen exam papers. This brilliantly scripted and perfectly acted dark comedy takes several twists and turns as the mystery unfolds.

    Reece Thompson is brilliant as the lead character, suitably odd never quite fitting in with his peers, a young actor with a real talent who is convincing throughout. A brilliant performance also from Bruce Willis as the authoritarian principle.

    A shame that this film is only available as a region 1 but well worth a watch if you have a multi region DVD player.

  6.  Did they even read the book?


    This in my opinion was one of the best books in the series, this book really ties the whole series together, bringing to light Voldemort's back story and including the best action scenes of the series. Imagine my diappointment when watching this in the cinema a full 2 years after the last film and they had neglected to put at least half of the book in. Where were the memories of Riddle's childhood and progression into becoming a dark wizard? Where was the speculation over the Half Blood Prince's identity? Where was the huge battle scene? And why did they seemingly sacrifice it for a scuffle at the Weasleys? All questions I'm sure Harry Potter fans have asked.
    The acting of the younger members of the cast is, as ever, terrible. While Rupert and Emma do seem to be getting better Daniel seems to be regressing, I saw him on stage 2 years ago and his performace there was much much better than this. The older cast members, particularly Snape remain spot on, with Jim Broadbent doing an amicable job as Horace Slughorn.
    The parts of the film that they did get right were brilliant, particularly the cave scene, it's just unfortunate that the rest of the film was not of the same standard.

    A disappointing film, hopefully the next two will be much better, roll on November!

  7.  Better than Twilight, but that's not saying much.


    First off i haven't read the books so this review is based purely on the film which is slow, boring and clearly aimed at teenage girls.

    After seeing the frst film and being bored to the point of tears I wsn't looking forward to seeing this film with my girlfriend but i went into the cinema with an open mind praying it wouldn't be the same drivel as the first film. First off the redeeming feature of this film is the soundtrack, some excellent choices particularly the wolf chase scene. The characters are as bland as before, disapointingly there is no real character development for the other Cullens, a shame as I'm sure that they have much more to offer than the cold lifeless Robert Pattinson (A truely terrible actor, totally overshadowed in my opinion by Taylor Lautner who is the star of this film).
    Kristen Stewart is stiff and awkward as ever, a lead actress with no charisma whatsoever.

    All in all, only watch this if you like naked male torsos (Pattinsons not included) or better yet avoid like syphilis.

  8.  Why is that bird upside down? Because it's dead.


    Brilliant quality item, i'm about a 40" chest and I ordered a large which fitted me perfectly. Very comfortable to wear, lovely and soft inside, great fit and to the people who complained about it not being white it looks great and the picture is clearly cream. Not too sure how it will wash up though as i get a lot of fluff on my t-shirts.

  9.  B*tch


    Cup is actually white with pink writing, still a nice gift for the bitch in your life!