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  1.  Poor Quality Printing


    Bought this T-Shirt for a present for someone and had to send it back as the printing quality was rubbish. Looked like a 2nd to me. They dealt with it quickly and efficiently by refunding me as they couldn't guarantee a replacement would be any better.

  2.  Boring boring boring!! Avoid!


    This film is one of the slowest moving films I have ever seen. And to make it even worse its incredibly long. Its utterly awful I cannot understand how so many people give it good reviews. It nearly became the first film I ever turned of half way through and didnt finish watching! It may well be artistic but we honestly did not understand the characters, what was really happening and why everything was sooo slow paced, its terrible! You have been warned!

  3.  Don't do it to yourself, its all hype, AVOID!


    This film is nothing like it bills itself as and I really cannot understand all the good hype about it.. its so slow moving its unreal. I thought it was a film about driving and cars yet most of the time he just seems to cruise along with arty shots, a music soundtrack and achieving nothing more than being arty. The first section is very boring and slow but the last 30mins is just ludicrous. Ridiculously horrid violence for the sake of it and coming completely out of nowehere. I really cannot understand how this film gets good reviews - AVOID!

  4.  Soooooooo slow... avoid!


    This film is soooo slow its unreal, I dont think I have been so bored for a long time, its terrible! I cannot understand how it has so many reasonable reviews as nothing happens in it?! Not sure why a big star like George put his name to it?!

  5.  Well worth watching


    I really enjoyed this and it had some very funny moments in it. I am surprised it has not got better feedback. Its not the greatest comedy out there but its definitely better than average and well worth watching.

  6.  Boring


    I was so bored of this film, I dont know how it got so many good reviews. I love war films and I know this is old but it just does not cut it I am afraid. Very dissappointed.

  7.  Pretty dire!


    The first part of this film isnt too bad but the last 20mins are utterly awful! And the ending, well it isnt even an ending and I really hope they dont think they can lead it onto a Skyline 2 as 1 was bad enough!

  8.  Avoid at all costs!


    I am never going to get those 2hrs of my life back so please take my advice and give this film a miss! Its ridiculously complicated/ hard to follow and one of the worst films I have seen in a very very long time!

  9.  Yawn Yawn Yawn!


    Was'nt a bad movie as such but was so slow! It took about 3 times as long to tell the story as it needed to and even then, the story was'nt very interesting to tell! There just seemed to be no real point to this film? I feel like a wasted 2hrs of my life!

  10.  Not what I had hoped...


    Disapointed by this one... I doubt it will be watched again.