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  1.  Annoying child...Annoying parents.


    Is it just me or does this season seem to bring out the annoying people in the group. I am finding Andrew Lincoln really irritating in season 2 as well as his wife and son. I also feel that season 2 hasn't gone anywhere and was very boring yet i did watch it till the end. Maybe if they got rid of that flaming kid and his parents then season 3 might have a chance.

  2.  Loving the Borgias!


    Fantastic programme with a fantastic cast! Very gripping. Love it.

  3.  Great!


    I really enjoyed this one...Excellent effects and a great twist at the end!

  4.  Being Bored!!!!


    I didn't mind the first season of being human but after the second episode of season 2...i had to turn the channel over because it just got stupid and annoying. The wolfman's (George) whiny voice was enough to put me off. He was funny in season 1 but it just became too much for the second season. I became so bored halfway through the 2nd episode and decided that I couldn't watch it any more! Very dissapointing!

  5.  Same old thing!


    I used to love House but season 7 will be the last season i watch because it has just become the same old thing in every episode! Its just got boring and silly. I think its time to hang up your cane Hugh!

  6.  Wow!


    What a great second season and also to have Diana back! A shocking finale tho! Can't wait for Season 3! Love it!

  7.  Not been remastered like the others??


    I have been buying every season of Dynasty and the quality has been superb. However they seem to have stopped remastering the dvds at season 6! The quality is very poor and very much like a vhs tape. Love Dynasty but very poor quality... :(

  8.  I cried then cried somemore!


    I don't normally get emotional over a dog story but this once really does pull on your heart strings! What an amazing movie and it just shows how loyal a dog can be to it's owner! It make take me a good few months to watch it again but I will definitely will do!

  9.  I cried then cried some more!


    What an amazing movie, I was hooked from start to finish! A must see!

  10.  Its Vacancy movie but with a different name!


    It was a ok movie however the plot was just the same as Vacancy! I don't understand why they made this?