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  1.  Great.....If you have no taste.


    keanu reeves needs to learn to act, he is emotionless throughout and the plot of this film is boring and predictable. special effects are good but the movie is one to be avoided for certain, save your money by not purchasing this piece of junk.



    Don't follow the crowd in saying it's either boring or no different because they clearly played it for 10 minutes and have a very biased opinion either due to thier lack of skill or because they can not play this game as easy as they can play fifa 10. you simply can not ping pong pass, shoot from the halfway line and try to sprint past every player, because IT WON'T WORK!!!

    You must pass the ball about like they do in a real football match and create a chance by using your brain instead of selling the copy after 10 minutes. You must give it a chance, and give yourself a chance to be good at the game, not just decided it's boring after a 6 minute a half match on career mode. try out everything new and everything old that has been improved, play as the goalkeeper, try out some of the newer features, explore the controls in order to better yourself and enjoy the game more as a result. so if you have this game and havn't played it much give it some extra time, if you don't have the game then you should at least rent it and see what you think but try and enjoy it and don't just say it's the same as the others because you need to give the game a chance!

  3.  Magnificent, a must buy if you are looking for a new laptop.


    For the price what you get is amazing great processor which runs programmes fast, a massive hard drive, large amount of RAM (4GB), the 15.6" HD screen is terrific, sound quality is great, the keyboard is very comfortable to use and the spaces between the keys are adaquate. The mouse on this laptop is very good, only serious downside is that there isn't a built in webcam but you can buy one for another 10-15 pounds which isn't that much money. the laptop comes with a very stylish looking piano black finish. Games run suprisingly well on this laptop i have run several games and not had one singal problem, and they are not games like worms and tetris either, but it won't run the likes of dead space and MW2 so don't get your hopes up. windows 7 is really simple and easy to use it simplifies things and removes the complication. i downloaded avast free antivirus for this and it keeps it virus free without any slowdown, unlike so-called top anti-virus packages such as norton and Mcafee. overall if you are looking for a new laptop then look no further this is brilliant if you are not bothered about it having no built in webcam which is the only real downside to this brilliant machine. well done to acer will definatley buy my next PC from ACER as they are a top brand especially for laptops. so this is perfect if you haven't quite got enough money for a sony viao or don't want to take a risk with a rubbish dell laptop. do your research before buying!!! i can not stress that enough.

  4.  Game of the year


    never mind all the call of duty hype ignore it and buy this, so what if its short thats why they put collectibles in the game and the other game mode to make it longer. this is the single best game i have ever played it's a masterpiece there isn't a word in my vocabulary to describe how good this game is it is simply pure genious the effort put into everything can only be appreciated more and more as you play it. I found that this game has superb replayability unlike most games and the story is just terrific every detail is perfect to the letter i have nothing bad to say about this game and all i can say is that it deserved the game of the year award 3 times over because no game can even touch this for gameplay, story, combat, brains,innovation it's music to my ears when i hear the name of this game so buy it or miss out on one of the single best games ever!!!!