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  1.  Most accessible album yet to metal fans.


    This album definitely feels like a massive homage to metal through the years which i respect. However, having said that i feel like by doing so they have lost a little bit of what makes them individual in their own right e.g. most metal bands are blues driven i wouldn't have said that about Avenged so far but the heavy blues influence on this record probably serves to place them more comfortably among their peers but the flip side is a loss of some individuality. Furthermore you can't help but feel a lot of restraint here through the lack of showboating dual guitars and more simplistic drums which i think seems like an aesthetic decision and gives the album more groove and bigger riffs as a result. So i guess your take on the album comes down to a matter of perspective all in all i'd say it's a great effort by the band and should open more doors to most mainstream metal fans.

  2.  more of the same with a twist


    This album is really good much like all the good charlotte albums, however i couldn't disagree more with what the previous reviews have said. Cardiology is very much a pop-rock album, like good morning revival, however their are some darker themes throughout the album reminicent of the chronicles of life and death with that said, Cardiology is definitely a must for Good Charlotte and Pop-rock fans alike.

  3. Nightmare


    Avenged Sevenfold - CD

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     "beautifully Dark"


    Well I managed to get a copy of this album early and it is special. It is the true follow up to 2005 album City of Evil taking a more serious focused and dark tone then the experimental self-titled album.

    The highlights so far are opening track Nightmare. Welcome to the Family- which has all the makings for the next single and Fiction which is a truly eerie song with duel vocals between Jimmy and Matt over the strangest of piano keys, basically the A Little Piece of heaven of this album- in true Jimmy fashion. Throughout the entire album there is a recurring theme of darkness and the bands pain and bleak outlook is apparent throughout- especially on the song So far Away where it feels like Shadows could burst into tears at any second and at times has a somewhat numb feeling to it. Arguing fans can also put to rest the over-debated issue of whether or not Shadowz can scream as there heaviest song to date God Hates Us is the angriest song from the album and the bands longest song to date Save me would not sound out of place on Waking the Fallen.

    Every Avenged Sevenfold fan has a duty to get this album as it marks the end of an era and should be encouraged to share this with new and old fans alike.

  4. Dirt


    Kids In Glass Houses - CD

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     Kigh again delivers


    This band just keep getting better every track is awsome. 2010 is off to a good start for kigh cant wait to see them again in may!

  5.  Classic


    I first heard this band when i was at a house party in 2006 and thought it was pretty decent however it was after their support of Funeral for a Friend i started to really appreciate them. This album is truly great very mainstream with many catchy hooks every song on the album rocks plus the bonus dvd show is pretty awsome. This band is going to be big, a great debut and can't wait for the new album in march!

  6.  pleasantly surprised


    I confess im not a regular Paramore fan and only got this album because music has been so slow this year i had to buy outside my comfort zone however i have been quite addicted to this album for the last few weeks. It feels like the band are a bit more mature and moving away from their (what i think to be) immature lyrics and music and progressed into something a little more sophisticated but still loads of fun!