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  1.  Feelgood ambience - essential music


    This is probably the best album to date from one of Warp Record's current masters. Providing a good mixture of ambient, folk, and electronica, this LP maintains a feel-good factor from start to finish. 'Jealous of Roses' and 'S'Vive' are in a class of their own, while one wishes for all its splendour that 'All The Flowers' was made as a longer track.

    Those who like the chilled sounds of the Boards of Canada, but yearn for a more upbeat experience, will not be disappointed in this album. Bibio are the British music industry's best kept secret.

  2.  Aphex Twin's various styles come together


    There are three types of Aphex Twin fan:
    1) Ambient supporter who would have loved the two sets of Selected Ambient Works;
    2) Commercial supporter who enjoyed 'Windowlicker' and 'Come to Daddy', probably without ever hearing any other Aphex Twin record before or after that;
    3) The fan of the powerfully quick beats, characteristic of other artists such Autechre.

    Those who read my other reviews would soon realise that I fall under category 1, but irrelevant of what category of Aphex fan you fall under there is plenty on 'Drukqs' to suit all three types.

    However, if you are a fan of Richard D James' early ambient works, then this album is worth a purchase purely for the tracks 'Bbydhyonchord' and 'Nanou 2' - phenomenal tracks worthy of a place in the ambient hall of fame.

  3. Junior


    Royksopp - CD

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     A very good effort


    This album combines the sublime with the not-so-sublime, although thankfully there's more of the former. 'Happy Up Here' kicks the album into gear from the word go, but the real beauty in this album lies in the tracks 'The Girl and The Robot', which features the infectious vocal of Robyn, and 'Royksopp Forever' which they seem to use as a reminder of how they started in the debut days of Melody AM.

    Prior to hearing this, Melody AM was the only Royksopp album that I had listened to, so I was understandably surprised at the more upbeat nature of this album. However, that is not a bad thing, and people should give this album some time and patience before writing it off completely.

  4. Geogaddi


    Boards Of Canada - CD

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     Like a lightning storm - scary but beautiful


    This album has a very eerie feel, yet it is arranged with more than a touch of genius. The impression I got when hearing this from beginning to end is that the composers wanted to exert the eerie influence on its listeners, which then helps them fully appreciate the best tracks towards the middle, such as '1969' and 'The Beach At Redpoint', arguably the Board's most powerful tracks to date.

    Compared to their other LPs, 'Geogaddi' is very different but equally as sensational. Later on, with 'The Campfire Headphase', their tracks had more of a calm, melodic sound. In the context of the career of the Boards of Canada, I consider this album the storm before the calm.

  5. Map



    Available  used  from  £3.32

     A fascinating look at the modern representation of the world


    For those with an interest in cartography, geography, or the environment, this is an excellent collection of images which illustrate the capabilities of modern technology in visualising the world. With physical maps, 3D digital terrain models, and remote sensing imagery among others, there is a great variety. I'm sure that many will be intrigued by the satellite imagery of New Orleans in the aftermath of its flood.

  6.  A most comprehensive insight into modern cartography


    This book, written by Dutch cartographers Menno-Jan Kraak and Ferjan Ormeling, provides the student/reader with a very helpful insight into cartography.

    Each chapter looks at each aspect requiring consideration when producing maps for various purposes. For me personally, their nearest neighbour index came in particularly useful for my final year university project when analysing student applicant patterns by location. Towards the end of the book there is a handy chapter on web mapping which would be of great use for those completing a module on web-mapping as part of their course, or are just generally interested in that aspect of cartography.

  7.  An excellent introduction for new users of ArcGIS


    Throughout my studies at university I found this a very useful resource. This book contains several chapters which show users how to make best use of the ArcGIS software depending on their requirements. With a tremendous interest in cartography and spatial analysis myself, this book proved invaluable in terms of gaining practical knowledge and experience with this software. The knowledge I gained as a result played a massive part in the success of my final year project. A must-have for all students who learn GIS as part of their course.

  8.  WOW!


    This is a compilation of various mash-ups of Daft Punk's work over the years, all part of a live performance. With its booming bass and bouncing beats this is an album which must be owned by all fans of dance/electronica. A phenomenal performance by Daft Punk!

  9.  A better PC version than that of 2009 and 2010


    After trying out FIFA 09 and FIFA 10 on the PC I was terribly disappointed, so much so that I have uninstalled both and reverted back to FIFA 06. I haven't reviewed the most recent versions, although the opinions of others for those versions echo my sentiments exactly.

    On to FIFA 06, and for the record this was actually a very good version. The gameplay was free-flowing, offside decisions weren't always correct (which is realistic), and direct and indirect free-kicks were much better.

    Certain things did bug me though. Firstly, where on earth is Fabio Aurelio? Nowhere to be seen at Valencia, and it wasn't as if he was an unknown youngster at the time. Secondly, there is a particular glitch on the game. What happens is that from time to time I've been awarded goals when one of my attackers has headed a chance just wide, and I'm definitely not seeing things - the replays confirm it. But again I suppose that could be classed as realistic considering incidents in recent years at Vicarage Road and Ashton Gate, I'm sure Neil Warnock will agree.

    Aside from that there's not much wrong with this version, although if you want to experience FIFA to the full just stick to the XBOX 360, preferably with an HD telly.

  10.  Cracking album from an under-appreciated band


    For me the pull factor of Apollo 440 is their versatility. With this album for example you'll be listening to a rock tune one moment and a laid back track the next, whilst noticing along the way that Apollo 440 manage to keep their own stamp on things regardless of the mood of the tune. The order in which they've put each track is very clever.

    Most will be very familiar with the catchy efforts 'Stop The Rock' and the 'Lost In Space' theme tune which are great. However, the more laid-back tunes on this LP such as 'Machine In The Ghost' and 'Perfect Crime' are equally as good, while others such as 'Crazee Horse' , 'Stadium Parking Lot', and 'Gettin High On Your Own Supply' uphold the Apollo's proneness to going a little crazy at times - nothing at all wrong with that though as it helps maintain the album's good balance.