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  1.  Searching for a new Batman tune...


    When I first saw the movie I wanted the soundtrack very badly. I finally did, but I first bought The Dark Knight. And now hearing Batman Begins I do not know why I wanted the score. Perhaps because I am comparing it with The Dark Knight. Batman Begins has separate tracks (instead of 70minutes suite of The Dark Knight), and because of this you not feeling the story. Althought, the tracks are all named after bats (very original!), those seperate tracks are not in the right order.
    I think Hans Zimmer was looking for a real Batman sound, but he found it in the next feature. The tracks sound great, but are not very special. Vespertillio is a good one and also Molossus (filled with energy and excitement). Is it around 5-7 bucks, than this 60minutes soundtrack is a great collectable item.

  2.  Sounds like film-noir


    Halo music has a cinematic sound. The soundtrack is composed by Martin ODonnell and Michale Slavatori. They also composed the other Halos. The double-cd has seventeen tracks with 68 chapters. It follows the game, you start with the Overture and you finish with the Finale. Although Halo is an action-packed game the music on this cd isnt. Actually, there are more tracks with flowing and easy-listening music than tracks were you feel that you are fighting against the Covenant.
    If you are great collector of soundtracks and didnt play the game, this one would be very special to your collection. You will like it, or you wouldnt, because some tracks sound a little cheap (that cost a star). Perhaps you should start with Deference for Darkness, a great film-noir track, with violins, piano and a saxophone. I played the Halo games and enjoyed the music of the game. Listening to it, without playing, I am still enjoying it.

  3.  Brijant work from James Horner


    A Beautiful Mind composed by James Horner is an amazing soundtrack. The piano and the violins are well balanced. You can hear the theme of A Beautiful Mind in almost every track with a few differences. That could also be a minus, because it like hearing the same theme over and over again but in different versions. James Horner did his very best to make score where you can almost hear the success and troubles of the life of John Nash without seen the movie. I think you can compare the soundtrack with the score of Forrest Gump. It is fluent, just a couple action packed tracks, like track number 8, The Car Chase. Because of this it very good background music while reading a book or just for relaxation. If you enjoyed the movie, than you wouldnt disappointed when you bought this cd.

  4.  Danceable remixes


    The Tron: Legacy Reconfigured is a remix CD of the original soundtrack. There are 15 remixes from djs like Paul Oakenfold, Moby and Sander Kleinenberg. If you compare this one with regular, than Reconfigured is more like an alternative dance score. Some tracks have a great bassline, others have a more lounge sound. What I like on this CD are influences of the DJs. You can definitely hear a Moby sound or a Kaskade sound. The CD is good add-on if you have the regular version, but if you do not like the electronic scene you should consider buying this CD.

  5.  Heroic, but to short.


    Travor Rabin is for me a new composer, but if I listen carefully I can hear some Con Air and Armageddon. I think this is why Rabin composed this soundtrack. It is like going on an adventure. It is also heroic with some excitement. You can hear a lot, a lot of violins. In almost every track you can hear in the front or in the background the National Treasure theme. It is a great soundtrack, worth every penny, but I think this is not the complete score. Some music you can hear in the movie is not on this 38 minutes cd.

  6.  Pumping beats...


    What a treat, two discs with remixes from a list of famous djs, like Carl Cox, Tiesto and Laidback Luke. The first cd contains different remixes of a variety of dance styles. The second cd is a dj mix by Moby. The first cd starts nice with a great remix of Mixhell. After two or three tracks it gets a little rougher with Carl Cox. What a remix, what a bass! It is a track where you get out of your chair and walk to your stereo and put the volume up. This also counts for the remix Wait for Me by Laidback Luke. The variety of dance styles is a great add on, because de Popof remix from Stay down is totally different than the other remixes, but it is still great to hear.
    The second cd contains five new remixes and eight remixes released on the first cd, but they all mixed together by Moby.

  7.  Absolute great


    Great review from Nickerson. What I have to add, this is a must buy item. Although it is not composed by Tan Dun (who composed Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), John Williams puts hear an amazing Asian soundtrack. He gets the help from the cello from Yo-Yo Ma (also on Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). The music is fluent, waves of violins and a cello brings you to the early 1900s of Japan. There is no action-packed-tracks on. This is an easy background soundtrack while you are reading a book or eating your diner. If you have not seen this movie (shame), than this soundtrack over 60 minutes of amazing tracks is still worthy to buy.

  8.  Great album


    Dail M for Monkey is a real treat. It is a great lounge cd, just like the other albums of Bonobo. Sometime you get a St. Germain feeling (like number 6, Pick up). I think the album Black Sands is the best from Bonobo so far, but Dail M for Monkey just another must have. You wont be disappointed.

  9.  A 75 minuntes soundtrack


    The James Bond Remastered edition is a collection what came out in 2002-2003. Some are very well remastered and some have previously unreleased bonus tracks. They all contain a small booklet with 4 pages information about the move and the soundtrack, 2 or 3 pages with pictures, 1 page with the back of the vinyl sleeve and 1 page with credits and notes how high the theme song ended in a chart.
    John Barry will take this one very easy. Only a few tracks are action packed, but most of the songs are easy-listening. Some are very mysterious with high strings and flutes. If I compare this cd with the other Bond albums, than I believe this a great to hear but nothing more. Nevertheless, this soundtrack is really a treat for the die-hard Bond fans, because there are nine previously unreleased bonus tracks. With these bonus tacks it makes the longest soundtrack of the old Bond movies, more than 75 minutes.

  10.  Single or DeLuxe?


    Well, here it is, the DELUXE edition. The last couple of years I am waiting for these extra editions and not buying the single versions.
    Destroyed DELUXE contains two cds and one dvd (same as the DELUXE Wait for me) and it has a nice booklet with art pictures taken from Moby. About Wait for Me, I thought it was the last kind of flowing music of Moby and he will surprised us with a new kind of Moby music, like Play more than a decade ago. When I first hear Destroyed I thought, oh no, same old tracks. But listen carefully, you can hear some great tracks like The low hum and After. Especially the last one, it is almost a soundtrack of a very excitement movie. About The low hum you can hear the voice of Emily Zuzik and more tracks with hear would be appreciate, what a great vocie and what a great song.
    The 55-min BONUS disc is different than the last editions. This is no ambient bonus disc. There are three tracks in different versions previously released on the first cd. Most of the tracks are more up-tempo. I believe they are more kind of B-side tracks. They are not that great. It is more like a continuing of the music on the first cd. And here is the difficulty of rating this album. If I compare Destroyed with Wait for Me and Hotel is a great album and I would give it a 4 star rating. However, if I compare the DELUXE editions I am little bit disappointed. Perhaps because of my high expectations of the previously released albums.
    If you are a big Moby fan, this is a great collectible item. It is also nice if you were one of those festivals mentioned on the cd cover. There is some footage on the dvd.
    If you just have a couple cds of Moby, get the single edition.