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  1.  Disaster: Day Of Crisis


    This game is the best game for WII i have played in a while. Not much gaming involved mainly cut scenes. But the cut scenes are so cool. Makes it feel more like a film, which is what you want in a game. The acting is superb, although very cheesy it is pulled off so brilliantly. I am delighted with my purchase :D

  2.  Mario Strikers Charged Football


    This game gets the better of you. When you start the controls are a little naf but still fun. This game really depends on what mood your in. Not a game you can just pick up and play. Have only played multi-player a couple of times and that is where the real fun is.

  3.  Call Of Duty - World At War


    Very good fun. A lot better once you get the hang of it and you fly through the levels. Unfortunately you don't get as many maps or extras on the wii as you do for Xbox. but still good. The graphics are pretty good it being a wii game. This game is easy yet hard. The levels are fairly short and can be completed quickly. But frustratingly you die quite alot because its hard to use the wii remote in a fast action game. So you die quite regularly but is still quite fun. Also very very short, took me just under 6 hours to complete the whole thing.

  4.  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


    Awesome game. Graphics seem to change a lot throughout the game. One minute there bad then good then bad and I keep noticing they change. But either way brilliant story to go with an amazing game. (Bit of a dissapointing end though, to go through all of the game for nothing) but still a good link to A new hope.

  5.  Resident Evil 4


    The best WII game ever. No WII game could ever beat this. WII finally has the courage to abandon its original goal as a family console and release some more teenage games that the proper age of game players like. Or in this games case, love. The best graphics you can possibly get for the WII. Is rather difficult in places but you get the hang of it. But then again its boring if its too easy. By far the best game on earth.

  6.  Red Steel


    Better than it looks, good game at a very reasonable price. This is a must buy.

  7.  Ratatouille


    Again a game based around a film, meaning the game is short. many complaints about WII games being childish and only really for the family. But the WII was origianally designed as a family console. But they have started releasing some more teen games for it. This is definetely one for the kids.

  8.  Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End


    The mini-games and the gambling on this are awesome. But for me that is the only highlight. Gameplay is okay but like many other games based on a film, it is rather short. Graphics are worse than they make out and the sword play is the same. But is still quite fun to play for a while but then gets old.

  9.  Mario & Sonic


    Not usually my sort of game. its one of those limited family games. Its only fun if your playing it with someone. But when you are with someone it is rather addictive. There is always another activity to do on this game. Which is why it is as good as it is.

  10.  Lego Star Wars


    I used to think this game was amazing and it was, but now it is just good. The other lego games sort of make this one look worse than it really is. but still fun none the less.