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  1.  Excelsior!


    If you like Lego and Marvel, you'll love this. Unlike other Lego based titles, this has an open world element to it aswell as the adventure story mode. Unfortunatly, there are a few glitches: I've has the game just crash on me, despite it been a brand new copy, so can't blame pre-owned scatches. Plus other bugs where you'd have to switch off and restart. Nevertheless, it's a funny and enjoyable game for all ages.

  2.  Creative


    So far, I think i've spent about 20% of my time on this game racing. The rest i've been in the paint-shop, jazzing up the growing number of cars in my garage; Not that i'm complaining, the racing has been top-notch. I've never played any of the previout Forza titles, but the racing seems alot more tactical, more 'real' than other racers i've played, thinking involved rather than ramming down that accelorator and just releasing/breaking at the right time. If your looking for good racer and like to get creative, i'd recommend this.

  3.  Short, but Sweet


    Anyone with any FPS experience will no doubt complete the campaign in normal difficulty in 2-3 days, maybe less, but with the upgrades, you'd want to play though again on New Game Plus, and again, till maxed out upgrades, gotten all relics, maybe on higher difficulty.
    For the short playtime, a well written, good looking game.

  4.  Massive!


    this is one HUMUNGUS game! Loads of area, loads of weapons. Even after youv'e completed the game with the 4 character AND maxed out you XP level, there's still plenty more challenges and stuff to discover.

  5.  Sci-Fi classic!


    Reviews of this game i've read in mags have stated that maybe the graphic aren't up to scratch, which I think is partly true, but the 'style' of the graphics, and the game in general are top. Very Blade Runner-like along with the neat atmospheric soundtrack aswell. You can't really pigeon-hole this game into any category, some FPS, some RPG, a bit of puzzle and plenty of stealth. The character voice acting can be rather cheesey at times, esspecially from main dude, Adam Jessen, but this is one epic game.

  6.  12?!?!


    fun and addictive like past Mario Karts, but with an added twist with the 2 characters in 1 kart thing. 1 draw back and why I only gave 3 stars - only 12 tracks?! could've done with at least 3 - 4 more.

  7.  One to give you the eeby-jibbies!


    Excellent, scary game that had me jumping out of my seat at times. The atmosphere changes from all out shooting to creepy & claustrophic with sudden 'trips' that'll make you jump. Feels like a scary thriller ad you are the main character.