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  1.  Can't go wrong


    It's huge, it's free-roaming, it's scary, it's awesome!

    Absolutely outstanding!

  2.  A little gem, rather than a classic


    For me this didn't compare well against Kick-Ass! I didn't find it as funny or as exciting, although Super certainly does have some touching quriky humour amid the brutality. However some of the moments were just too cynical and it lost me a bit in the last act. Having said that, the clever sensitivity of the last scene redeemed the whole experience for me, and lifted the film into a little gem.

  3.  Work disguised as fun


    I want to encourage fantasy games and those with offline co-op in particular...

    BUT it's just too fussy for a game of this kind, the split screen co-op isn't that great. It doesn't deliver very much of the hack and slash fun of other games of this kind because of the ropey controls. It's what we sometimes call 'work disguised as fun'. Graphics are rough as well.

    However the voice-acting is good. Particularly the 'dream girl'.

  4.  A modern fantasy classic


    I purchased this book originally on the strength of accolades it had received on SF/Fantasy literature sites. I was looking for something maybe a bit more cynical and less corny than the fantasy novels I saw on the shelves of bookstores.

    The premise hooked me in immediately. A much disparaged order have for centuries been warning about the coming of a Second Apocalypse. Tradgic, vindictive and useless Drusas Achamian is the agent who discovers just the merest evidence that a horrific cabal may still be operating to engineer the return of a false god.

    This is a novel which overturns modern fantasy expectations just as Moorcock did when writing Elric. A comparison could be made to the work of Gene Wolfe, because this is work which challenges your own perception of how ideas are constructed (maybe that's why one reviewer found it hard to read?).

  5.  Dark and vivid


    This morning I finished reading this fifth novel in Bakker's highly original series (new readers should start with: The Darkness That Comes Before).

    Although perhaps the most pessimistic novel so far, every scene succeeds in engaging interest and many are extremely vivid and stirring. There are fascintating intrigues between characters and immense terrifying battles. New secrets are revealed in Bakker's strange mythology and the novel builds to an incredble nail-biting final act, led of course by Bakker's long-suffering hero Achamian.

  6.  Rough Diamond


    Sometimes the best open world games are not all that polished, but entice you into exploring their world because it's full of interest. TW2 is a little rough around the edges. But it also provides a large environment genuinely worth exploring, because it is full of secret locations, varyingly difficult enemies and clever well-scripted quests.

    Little things add to the experience. For example the individually designed armour pieces. The intererior dungeon maps. Character look and gender customisation. A general sense of cynical rather than whimsical attitude from the characters.

    Some will be turned off because the cut scenes are a bit ropey and the graphics are not ground-breaking. But some of you will lap up a good solid free-roamer which lets you do what you want most of the time, and create a good experience with it. You know whether that's you or not.

  7.  Fun


    If you want a really fun saturday evening movie - this is that movie.

  8.  Offline Co-Op and first impressions


    Just a few hours in, but I felt I wanted to say something about the offline co-op specifically and first impressions. This time you can import your actual character into your friend's world and it you will look like your character. You share the rewards.

    It's not split screen but the view is wide enough to allow both characters some space to run around and fight in without feeling handcuffed together. It's easy to follow what your friend is doing in combat as well as yourself.

    There's some turn taking with NPC interactions and what I will call the 'virtual character sheet' (The Sanctuary). Exploring you need to agree on a general route. But if your playing with wife or friends a little patience can be assumed. You both get rewards if one of you opens a chest etc.

    It's fun!

    So overall a nice offline co-op experience, especially if you're looking for a co-op in the fantasy genre, and have found few workable offerings since the old Baldur's Gate / D&D games. Of course this a different experience, the difference between playing a fantasy novel rather than a persistant battle.

    The look of the game seems much polished with really nice environments. It's not Oblivion cross country free-roam but it's looking like it will be a polished high quality journey.

    It's probably worth each creating a game before starting offline co-op so your character has a world of their own to go back to (can be done without).

    So - overall first impressions. I think this will be a good experience. I didn't enjoy Fable 2 as much as Fable 1, but this is giving back the wow factor a bit and partly I'm reconciled to what Fable is and isn't. They've given better time and thought to those of us who want to play with family and friends offline.

  9.  Dark Fantasy


    A man's quest for redemption leads him to using all his deadly skills to redeem himself. This is quite a nice movie, and I enjoyed Purefoy's performance as the character of Kane went through various aspects of change during the story. For my taste it got a bit too monster & special effects reliant as it went on, detracting from the more actually sinister first half. However I understand this was probably the nature of the original source material. If you enjoy fantasy movies then I feel this is well worth watching, just not the film it could have been (should have tightened up climatic scenes with better swordfights and less monsters, focussed more on Kane rather than random helpers).

  10.  How come no one ever wanted to be a superhero?


    Ratings don't give much of a guide these days so first up this isn't an 'X-Men' movie that's okay for the kids - Kick-Ass is extremely violent & bloody and aimed at a teen - mature audience.

    I thought this was the greatest movie ever. I completely lost myself in the story and characters and didn't want it to end. I'd read the graphic novel but this was much, much better. Just amazing!!!