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  1.  Hilarious ROMCOM, definitely worth buying.


    I bought this in search of a funny film that could keep me entertained, it really did. I thought it sounded pretty silly originally being based on Snow White, but actually, it's genius.
    If you liked "A Cinderella Story", you'll love this.
    Amanda Bynes finds herself not fitting in with her college house and ends up living with a bunch of boys who appear to be 'social rejects', but things take an unusual turn in the story and things begin to go wrong.
    Definitely a ROMCOM I'd recommend, it's funny, cute, epic, what else could you ask for?!

    You learn to love the characters and soon enough don't want the film to end. Literally, loved this film. Not as good as A Cinderella Story in terms of quoting it etc, but definitely close. Anyone who loves Amanda Bynes will love this film, she's great in this and "She's the Man" I'd recommend both.

  2.  Epic film.


    This film is such a funny film. A RomCom definitely. It has funny parts to the story, it's such a blast to watch. I'd recommend it to anyone.

    You can watch it over and over again and not get bored, I love it.
    The quotes are memorable, and the cast are brilliant!
    If you like "She's The Man", you'll LOVE this.

  3.  I think this is my favourite RomCom.


    It's not just a romantic story too. Nowadays, I watch films entitled 'RomCom' and think, this is just romance-based. This is actually funny, and you really grow to love the characters. I swear, anyone who wouldn't fall for Declan would be mad!
    It's really good for a night in or anything, it's such a lovely story. It's actually comedic as well, so it really does have the whole package. I would recommend this to anyone.

    This is the first example of a funny RomCom that I've seen in a while!

  4.  I liked it.


    It's a nice film, out of the blue story line, not like your typical "Oh, she meets him, he does something, they fall in love" story-line, I've never seen a plot like this one. It's so genuinely adorable, a really cool RomCom. I can't think of any criticisms for this film, it's really awesome. Great for a night in or for anything else really. (:

  5.  Worst film ever.


    I remember going to see this years ago, it was miserable, boring and I hated it. I thought it was quite boring, but I guess it might just not be my cup of tea.

    All of the funny bits were put in the trailer, so I was quite bored when watching it. Alright to watch if you put it on in the background, but definitely not a film I'd watch solely.

  6.  Gah.


    You know when you see the trailer for a film, and it looks genius, well this film literally shows all of the funny parts in the film in the advert. It was tedious, it went on forever, literally about 2 hours. Hurrendous film, wouldn't advise buying it.

  7.  San Disk 16GB USB


    My dad bought me one of these when I ran out of space on my other pen drive, and when my spare went missing.

    It literally holds everything!
    Music, Movies, loads!
    I have used this for about 10 months now and have loads of pictures, loads of songs, and loads of documents on (All of my work from Years 7-12) inclusive of coursework etc. I haven't even used half of it yet!
    It's truely amazing.

    I think this is the same version that I have:

    It is password protected, so if anyone gets hold of your pen drive, they cannot copy any work files.
    It is also 'retractable'. The silver part of the USB folds into the rest of the pen drive reducing the chance of it breaking.
    Normally pen drives are relatively easy to break, but as I said, I have had this for 10 months and it hasn't broken once!

    It may be a bit of a nuisance being recognised by some computers, but if it isn't recognised, you just remove it from the USB holder and put it back in. No software is needed for this USB.

    I would recommend that you buy this:
    Honestly, you think you'll never use a 2GB memory stick for example, and you end up using it up really quickly and have to delete documents to make way for new ones - not a problem with this USB.

    Definitely worth paying 16.99 for a 16GB memory stick rather than 6.99 for a 2GB one.

    With this pen drive you will probably not need another again, the memory is that good - and it is not prone to breakage.

    Recommended by me!

  8.  Paramore Sad Robot Tee


    Love the design for this product, a really epic style for Paramore.
    Definitely worth 11.99 - really comfortable and quite frankly amazing.
    I bought an Large one to sleep in, it's so soft and nice (:
    It's a good idea for a present for anyone who likes Paramore - I bought another tee which I wore for their concert. I know anyone who likes Paramore would love to receive this as a birthday or Christmas present!

    I recommend you buy it, it's really nice.

  9.  Labour pains - Lindsay Lohan


    It's basically about a girl who is about to get fired because her boss hears her saying bad things about him, and in the spur of the moment, she makes up that she is pregnant. Legally, she knows that you can't be fired when pregnant because of discrimination acts, but she doesn't think the whole thing through. She steals fake pregnancy bellies from a pregnancy shop, but eventually she convinces herself that she is actually pregnant!

    It starts off to be a dull film, but as it progresses, it does get funnier.
    It is obviously not as funny as American Pie etc., but definitely worth 4.99! If you are looking for a cheap and funny DVD, this is a good one to buy.

    Obviously different people will have different opinions about it, but if you are into 'Romantic Comedies' then this is ideal. It isn't hilarious, but there are lots of laugh out loud moments. I'm 16, and I did find this quite amusing.

    I recommend buying it!