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  1.  Enchanted.....With Amy Adams.......


    Picture the scene. I'm 31, 2 girls, 7 & 14, and they want to see 'Enchanted'. Whoopytdoo I think. I rather fancy a pint instead at the local - but hey ho - I'm a parent now -remember those 7 seconds of fun?.
    So we troop off down to the local Odeon, buy my extra large Nacho's to stuff my abnormally large belly for my age and get comfy for sleepy time.
    Start the film and it's a cartoon - Great!!! - Really looking forward to this now - I really wish I liked condoms at this point.
    So I bear with it, scoffing Nacho's like a mad homeless Mexican.
    Whilst having flashbacks of Snow White, I recognise a vaguely comforting theme, pretty princesses, apples and such like.....Hmmmm apples....
    Anyway I go to the loo and upon returning to find I am now lost in the 'Cinema next door', then wondering why I am in Saw 4 - return to the right screen to find my first true love.
    The film is no longer a cartoon, and me?....Well I'm very, VERY intrigued. On screen is a young (Well she looks younger than me, but deep down I know she isn't) Princess. Beautiful.
    That is the end of my review. I have no idea what it is about but know when my time is up - She'll be there.
    To all Dad's reading this - It's a great film!......Get it

  2.  Maybe I'm getting old....


    Die Hard 1 - Classic.
    Die Hard 2 - Good.
    Die Hard 3 - Left a lot to be desired.
    Die Hard 4 - Die in peace - Please!!!.
    Maybe I'm getting older and realising that films should have a plot and things happen for a reason, but this film - well!!. Don't get me wrong - it's not bad, but hanging off the backs off jets and hiding as they explode. It's well, ok if you're 17 - Frankly I've moved on. Sorry Bruce, maybe time to go back to singing.

  3.  Stick to your dancing films John!!


    Well I'll give the marketing guys a pat on the back for this film. It looks well made and I was certainly excited about going to watch this. How dissapointed I was. With constant anti gay gags and middle aged men attempting to be funny and continually falling off their motorbikes, turned what I had into a nice night in, with me itching to press the stop button. A nice one to miss if you fancy a real laugh!

  4.  If only the stars went lower than one!


    This has to be, without doubt, the least funny poorly acted film I have ever had the misfortune to watch. Gags are thin and poor leaving you staring at the screen with disbelief that you have wasted money on this tripe. Deuce Bigalow one was somewhat humourous and have a few good gags, this is the 'one film to avoid in your life' category. Avoid at all costs.