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  1.  MEH


    A very pretty game but with little improvement from the first game the franchise is done they should just stop making the game



    I rented the game for 1 week went out and bought the stone prisionor version for 45 pound and it was still a great buy now they are giving not only all the DLC (downloadable content ) but the expansion which i payed 40 pound seperatly for trust me this is by far the best game deal you will ever see

  3.  JUST NO


    DO NOT BUY THIS! that is all i have to say while my friend all were getting ready to pay the 40 pound for this straight away i was smarter i knew the game would only last 9 hours at most (doesn't even last that long) so i rented it to be safe. Boy am i glad i did don't get me wrong it was starting to get fun then oops its done already with NO questions answered trust me if you are looking closure you wont get any just RENT IT trust me you will be glad you did



    I have played all GOW games and they are all great this one is no different the graphics are amazing the gameplay is fun etc etc but there is a downside its SHORT i mean very short i completed it in under 15 hours for a game that costs this much you would expect it to be longer although it does offer challenge mode after really the story is to short and not worth the price and it pains me to say that about gow i recommend waiting for the price to go down or renting it really doesnt take that long to complete.



    if you are a hulk fan dont buy this its really not that good sure there are a few good scenes here and there but thats about it i get there trying to change things around but you might aswel give it a new name its not hulk

  6.  Read this if you are thinking of buying


    I rented the game for a week from a local store instead of buying it when i first turned it on i was put of it seemed rather crude however play for more than 10 minutes and you begin to get hooked on the story without spoilers its hard to describe how cool the story is but it is really worth playing so much work has been put into this game the story is one of the best i have ever heard the reason this isnt a 5 star review is because the gameplay its self is abit to much like world of warcraft and i already play that its a less detailed version but the game is worth playing for the story 4 out of 5 ps human noble story is really nice