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  1.  Short review for those unsure of purchase.


    Like many reading this, I merely observed the series from the sidelines, as I never really enjoyed the random encounter as you walk aspect and also (what seemed to be) a complex battle system. However, I took the plunge and found that the game is by no means easy, but the early hours help you through it and get you to grips with the mechanics. Level grinding is required ofcourse for certain Boss Creatures but this never really felt like a chore, as the battles go so fast and your team can be managed so they attack and use items without you having to select their moves each turn. On the subject of the teams, you can create 3 other characters to follow you and battle. This feature is mainly for those who will not be using the Multi-player feature (like me) and allows you to have many different classes within your team.
    Random encounter battles are now gone, and replaced with overworld enemies where you can see what you will face. For me this made the game more welcoming,as you can avoid enemies (at your own expense!) and search the areas for loot and such.
    The graphics and sound direction are topnotch, as in most other Dragon Quests. Currently, I'm about 5 hours or so in the game and having a lot of fun. Your character (and followers) can all be fully customised to add and improve attributes and the list of clothing and weapons is very extensive, even 5 hours in.

    Yeah, so in short I would really reccomend that you give this a shot, but make sure to take your time with it, dont rush and enjoy the story and the huge expansive world.