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  1.  de ja vu? just good enough.


    Jason is a funny as always in this dvd, but the problem is i felt like id heard a good portion of the material on the disk before, having said that i was laughing for a good portion of the time so it was still worth buying, if you are new to his standup then definetly check this one out

  2.  For the fans.


    If, like me, you are a die hard tekken fan and expect this film to stay true to the beloved game series, then you will be both satisfied and disappointed by this attempt. Most of the story checks out but at some points it seems like the writers were short of knowledge, ( for example casting a young girl to play middle aged Nina, and a 40 something man to play her son Steve) but for people who just like the fighting aspect of Tekken you will not be disappointed with this, great fight scenes that stay true to most of the iconic character's fighting styles. I will say after a while they lose the plot for about 20 minutes, but it picks up towards the end and i would definetly recommend this film to fans of the genre.

  3.  worth the price


    Stranglehold is an extremely fluent thrid person shooter which is at a very affordable price nowadays, a definite buy for anyone who likes shooting games. It incorporates a lot of novel attributes that seperates it from others in the category, such as slow motion dives, precision shoots and frenzy assaults. To say this was an early release for the 360 and ps3 the graphics are fairly impressive. It does have online multiplay but unfortunately no local 2 player campaign. If i was to give this game any criticism it would be that the story is kind of generic, but it is still enjoyable and considering it is going for less than a fiver in most places it is a must have in your collection

  4.  its your chance do your dance at the space jam!


    was the most excited person waiting for this film to come, loved it as a child and still had an excellent time watching it at the age of 19. extremely entertaining for the kids and witty for adults, one of the best family films of all time !!!! why do you not own it already!

  5.  well thought through film


    i own a lot of dvds but this is always one of the first ones i recomend. when get used to the chopping and changing shifts in time it is very gripping story, not a lot of gore but very entriguing with a clearly well thought through ending, would definetly recomend!!

  6.  twists and turns galore


    really enjoyed this film. nice diverse range of charecters which was the most surprising thing for me cus i hadnt heard of a lot of people in it. very clever storyline with good plot twists, would definetly recommend

  7. Frozen



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     no fancy tricks, just a good concept produced well


    i watched this film with a friend and was really gripped, good charecter devolpment and storyline. but the person i was watching it with said it was unbeleivable, and at some points she has a point which stopped me from giving it 5stars. but overal definetly worth a buy i really enjoyed it!!

  8.  very good


    saw this advertised as a trailer on another film iv watched and thought it looked decent. didn't expect it to be as thrilling as it was. very beleiveable charecters due to the brilliant acting of ellen and wilson.definetly worth the buy!

  9.  so much fun


    ideal for people not quite old enough for grand theft auto and enjoyable for older gamers in higher difficulty, simpsons hit and run is extremely entertaining if your a simpsons fan. expansive free roaming in the simpsons world with fun missions and side quests. You are free to explore where ever even if you don't like missions. The only downside is the multiplayer is really weak compared to single player. but definetly worth a buy

  10.  great game for a surprising reasons


    first of all i have always loved the classic bomberman franchise, but the best thing about this game is the 3d story mode that lets go round in levels with bosses as bomberman. In this mode you can also collect little pokemon style monster that can help you in battle. And of course thier is an extensive classic birdseye view round based game, with many game modes such as dodge and revenge. i really enjoyed playing this game and less than fiver i would defiently recomend buying this!