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  1.  Almost as good as the real thing!


    Being a former DJ, this game appealed before I even opened the box.

    I was lucky enough to get the first and second game plus the turntable for less than 60 quid.

    I was a little skeptical at first but as I was doing the tutorial (and listening to fellow Kiwi Zane Lowe) I got to grips with the new controls and wow... I honestly was like OMG! Although I'm not one for trying to rap or sing whilst trying to scratch and crossfade, I find out that you can actually do this in this version!!! Whatever next?

    After the tutorial, I did a few quick plays and the first thing that came to mind was how creative some of the songs and mixing them was?!? One of my favourites is Rihanna - Rude boy vs Iyaz - Replay... or Kanye - Love Lockdown vs Donna Summer - Bad Girls... You could easily release some of these mash ups!

    Like any of the Hero games, the idea is to get as many perfect sections as possible and in this you can get to a EUPHORIA stage where you can earn more points.

    This also has a rewind option which is best used on busy sections of songs to earn even more points and get more EUPHORIA sections, earning more points.

    I'm currently doing a Empire which is where you bring a DJ from the start (Ibiza) and up through different cities and clubs across the globe. As you earn more "Stars" you unlock items such as appearance items like headphones or outfits, even your deck (CDJ or turntable). The only annoying thing for me is that I'm not huge on house music, I prefer the RnB/Hip Hop mixes so it's just baring with music you may not like (even though the house songs are normally easier to perfect). As you work through the cities though, you get to battle real life DJ's such as RZA and David Guetta - but dont think you're the man if you beat one of them (because it's just a game).

    Online play, you can battle other players across the world in different modes; whether its a single track or a mixture of up to 5 (i think). Once you agree on a song/s, you play each other and the highest number of perfect sections, obviously, wins. Please note: you can battle anyone of any skill level. The higher their level, the more points they potentially earn and, well, you have your ass handed to you.

    To me, it is the game I am addicted to at the moment, although the turntable and crossfader can be a little loud; so trying to play when the wife is sleeping can go against you sometimes (trust me).

    Great game! Much improved from the first game.

  2. NBA 2K11

    NBA 2K11


    6 New from  £16.22  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.98

     Similar to 2K10


    I think the game is ok... it's very similar to 2K10 with a few adjustments. I thought I had made a mistake buying it after my first play to be honest. But I;m ok with it now.

    When you first start, you have to play the 91-92 Game one of the NBA finals. Of course, as the Chicago Bulls. Once you've completed this, you can go to the actual menu. Slightly annoying.

    Everything is the same except this time you can take part in completing some of the Jordan challenges. Of which are different than I thought. I think it would've been better to have something like playing as Jordan only and bringing him through the ranks.

    Nicely enough, this game comes with some old teams you may like. Unfortunately, you can't use these teams in a season. Although, disappointing enough, teams like the Bulls don't have that feeling that they're a championship side. Other than Jordan and Pippen, the rest are a little like you've put LeBron and Kobe with another 3 players from a pick up game. So you're heavily reliant on your stars - which of course can cause fatigue and annoy you when they're sent to the bench. Just hope Steve Kerr can hit 3 after 3 and Rodman gets the boards if not!

    I'm doing a season at the moment but I had to adjust some of my coach settings to make it feel more like I would like to play. Run n Gun!!!

    Some of the cut scenes can be annoying. Also some of the substitutions the computer uses but these can be fixed (slightly) by adjusting your options.

    Online play is as good as the players you're with or against. Half the time, people want to be heroes and play alone or something - but when you find players online who enjoy a good team game, you can get no better.

    Price wise, I payed 40 quid for this and, if I'm honest, if I was to trade it in, I think I would get less than half in return as Basketball isn't huge here in the UK. Drawn in by Jordan being on the cover may have something to do with it. 25-29 is a good price.

    Oh, also... post up play can be wicked if you master it. I've noticed Dwight Howard is alot better offensively in this game - much like that of his play in real life.

    All in all, it's an OK game. The thing keeping me hooked on it is the signature highlights where you see all the good things your player/s have done and winning pairs of Air Jordans - just wish they were real! LOL

  3.  Save me!


    I'm very addicted to it! To the point I will spend an entire week of on this!

    I never played the first one but glad I didnt. I was a little confused at first about the game, especially after the start of it!

    The fights could be better but are ok after you learn a few moves. I learnt that in a fight with someone, you can hit them through a wall if they are leaning on it.

    Love the gameplay and storyline are excellent! Ezio as a character is so likable... to the point that you want to be him!!!

    I could right about this game so much but I will leave it for the all the people writing walkthroughs etc...

  4.  Super.... Man!


    Sorry about the title... LOL

    Received the shirt within a good time (5 days) and the shirt is awesome! I got an XL and was very surprised it fit me well! I am 6'3 and 20 stone so it's amazing to find an XL that fits me.

    We're doing a dress up theme soon so I decided to go as Dark Kent (as a bad alternative to Clark) and this will do nicely! Highly recommended!