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  1.  Transfer issues


    Looks good and T-shirt quality was good so I was hopeful, however after just 1 wash the transfer is peeling off.

  2.  Good gritty aussie crime drama


    Just got back from Australia where I was asked to pick this up for my friend as you cannot buy it in Melbourne because of the ongoing court case, and as the weather wasn't great, ended up watching an episode or 2 a night.....
    Set in Melbourne in the recent past, this is the real life story of the Melbourne underworld at the end of last century. Like a cross between the Sopranos and a slapstick comedy, these often funny but nasty criminals flood the Melbourne club scene with drugs and violence. With larger than life characters and a plot so strange you think it must be fiction, I found this a compelling series. OK due to my knowledge of Melbourne and the fact my friends were there at the time and saw this every week on the news, I may be biased, but I loved it none the less!

  3.  So bad it's...... just bad


    As a fan of B movies, trash and monsters, I trawled through the reviews and decided that at this price it was probably my sort of movie. Ouch, how wrong I was, the acting, dialogue and story line are so bad as to make it painful, and that's coming from someone who though Zombie Strippers was a good movie! If this was an action monster movie, it was bad. If it is supposed to be a B move/spoof it fails..... sorry only gets 2 stars because of the special effects.

  4.  What Muse are all about


    Being a recent Muse convert through live festivals, this screamed at me to buy it, and I was not let down. Being new enough to contain most Muse anthems this is close to a greatest hits set! As any Muse fan will know, they come into their own when live... for me they are the natural successors to Queen.
    This is a must buy for fans and strongly urge people that have only just discovered this band to get this.... absolute classic!

  5.  Good fun


    I only just got my Wii and a good friend had this, I was unsure to be honest..... fishing from your sofa? However, with strategy, technique, frustration and fun I really ended up getting into this! Only problem I see is that I finally got no1 and I kept getting the message to insert the disc although it was already in..... anyway worth it at the right price

  6.  Good addition


    Up until the last couple of years I had heard of Muse but not taken any real interest, however after a few great performances on festivals I started to get into them.... now I think they are my favourite band. So, how does this compare? Well in my view this is pretty standard Muse fare without having any anthems, so the normal CD I give 3 out of 5.... what makes this a 4 out of 5 is the live part... in my view where Muse excel! If you are not a fan, try HAARP as classic Muse live, but if you are a fan, you should add this to your collection

  7.  Dan Browns worst effort to date


    I have to admit, that I used to be a Dan Brown fan.... started with the Da Vinci code, then to Angels and Demons and the rest from there. I never used to understand the prejudice behind his books, especially from the critics, and felt them easy page turner thrillers. I think in this case however, I am beginning to see why.
    Firstly, this book is a variation on the same theme... mystical treasure, kidnap, death, run around town like a headless chicken.... beautiful lady and a twist at the end. So lets just say far from original
    Secondly, he keeps telling us what their character is thinking, almost treating the reader as slow witted, as 90% of the time you know what they are supposed to think
    Thirdly - Freak of nature/weirdo chasing the hero....
    Finally - and really specific to this book, is the quest is just boring, the twist is even more boring! In the previous books something was at stake, and you just had to know what the outcome was... in this book I just really didn't care. If Langdon, the Masons and his girlfriend spontaneously combusted I would not have cared, in fact probably would have found it more interesting!

    Sorry..... Dan Brown, you are no longer on my must read list

  8.  Still as fresh as book 1


    Anyone who reads my reviews (thanks by the way!) will know I am a huge historical fiction fan. For me Scarrow is up there with the best like Cornwell, Iggulden and the like. Unlike some other authors (sorry Bernard) he somehow manages to keep the books fresh and exciting and not at all 'samey'. Our heroes Macro and Cato finally are on their way back to Rome with Cato's fiance for a well earned break... or so they thought. Marooned on an island in the midst of a rebellion, our heroes are once again tasked with saving the day.
    As normal, very well written, flows so easily... almost too easily in fact as it was finished in less than one week. This series is a must read for any fans of this genre, and if you are not you will still enjoy. Shame I will have to wait another 6 months at least for the next installment

  9.  Looks great, but missing something


    I love my sci-fi with Star Wars and Star Trek up there as the top 2 for me. Having all the original series remastered and just recently finished all the next-gen episodes back-to-back I was really not sure what to expect. Firstly I was worried about the actors.... mostly they work for me except some scenes where Kirk is just too arrogant (Kobayashi Maru), Spock doing some things out of character and Simon Pegg's accent (although one of my favourite actors!) and the way of explaining any continuity errors as well I found a little too convenient (and doesn't explain the horrible new styling of the bridge!). However that's the criticisms out of the way..... on the positive side, it's an all action movie with amazing special effects and with the characters quite close (especially Bones and Spock) to the 60's series you didn't need too much convincing. Blu ray is excellent transfer using all my 7 speakers to full effect (especially the subwoofer, sorry neighbours) and with the clear picture and loads of extras this is a must buy on Blu-Ray, it's just the small floors that make it a 4 not a 5 for me

  10.  Can't go wrong with Cornwell


    Well, as with all Cornwell novels you pick them up and you have completed them in less than a week. With great characters, fast paced plots and action left right and centre the master of historical fiction returns! In this novel our hero Uhtred has all his goals lined up and he knows where he is going.... or so he thought! As usual, something (or someone) turns up and changes everything for him. Only criticism on this book is that once again well researched and easy to reasd, it's standard Cornwell fair..... after reading pretty much everything he has done, I feel I know what will be on the next page. Probably a little harsh, still a great book, but just not a 5 star effort