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  1.  Should have been a product recalll


    I enjoyed Half Life 2 and Portal - both great games - but then I started to play Half Life 2 episode 1, and a big pink and black chequered cloud obscured my view.

    This is because EA ported the Orange Box pack instead of Valve, and coded the port so badly that technical issues such as this blighted the PS3 port of this popular PC game pack.

    This pack should not have been sold , there should have been a product recall.

    As it is, EA say it is up to Valve to produce a patch, and Valve direct people to EA customer service to get a patch; and no patch was ever produced to mitigate the technical issues which arose because of this bad port.

    My advice is get this title on PC, not PS3.

  2.  Over Hyped Rental Fodder


    This game is good, really good.
    You can see that a lot of effort has been put into making the controls efficient and intuitive, and the sprites and weapons are very detailed and clear.
    The zoom on the sniper rifle and other weapons is functional, however you cannot increase the zoom which I thought was irritating. It would have been nice to be able to increase magnification by tapping up on the cross pad on the Wiimote.
    In addition, when you zoom in and try to shoot off an arm no arm is blown off. You can shoot anywhere on the body and it will have the same effect, the only difference is when you shoot the enemy in the head and even then it is not certain that they will die, sometimes it takes a couple of shots directly to the head to kill the enemy.
    Half the fun of sniping was thus removed.
    The sound was good, I would have liked to have been able to skip past the introductory conversations between Michael and Prometheus before stages though.
    I liked the little details added to the game, when you walk past a radio you can walk over to it and tune in to different stations and listen to what is going on in the outside world - this small detail alone adds more depth and colour to the game.
    The backgrounds to the game, including views out of windows on some stages, were little more than cardboard cutouts which would not have been out of place on an N64. This was shoddy and I felt ripped off as I had been waiting for this game for a year, reading every article about it while I waited.
    This was going to be the big one, the 'Goldeneye' for the Wii.
    It isn't. It really isn't.
    This is a nice little shooter, could have been on GameCube and been a massive hit (if Nintendo had pulled their fingers out and made use of the ethernet port they had put on the GameCube that is).
    I expect better on the Wii, it is supposed to be slightly more powerful than the Gamecube but quite honestly the graphics were far better quality overall on Metroid Prime on the GameCube, which in my opinion rivals many first person shooters for graphics, sound and controls on any system even today.
    Metroid Prime quality this is not I can assure you.
    I feel disappointed by this game, this is a rental at best.

  3.  Different, fun for a while


    The game descriptions (inc the main one on this site) proclaiming you can sword fight by waving your Wii-mote around are of course woefully inaccurate. You beat enemies in with your beam katana by pressing A very quickly, and when they are dizzy you move your Wii mote in a circle and this performs a wrestling move; or swish your Wii-mote in another way to strike at them with your beam katana again (hitting lots of enemies at once).
    Rinse, dry, repeat until all are dead.
    Most of the bosses are beaten by dodging their attack, then hitting them.
    I enjoyed the storyline and most of the little side games, the cut scenes were funny and entertaining. The gameplay itself can be a bit repetitive but the story line kind of took my mind off that.

  4.  Good idea, poorly realised


    This was, as my title suggests, a really good idea.
    The problem is that it was clearly rushed as evidenced by the graphics, layout, controlls and overall design.
    The story is actually quite good, it can pull you in and the level design and structure supports the story nicely, the characters are interesting and even funny.
    The ideas in the game such as the variety of guns, the need for accuracy and the encouraging of patience and accuracy through use of sniper sights, slo-mo action effects etc are good; and it can be very satisfying to hit enemies from far away or run right up to them with a powerful shortrange gun and frag them, or toss a grenade down a hole etc (although make no mistake, this is no Goldeneye, so don't expect to shoot them in the arm and see blood in the arm and the enemy clutching at his arm etc).
    The idea of sword fighting with the Wii-mote is great, and nobody has really replicated this. The option to do short movements or long movements, the different sword strokes and combinations of moves - great idea.
    The problems with this game are of course control glitches leading to it being quite difficult to execute sword moves at times, explosions killing you even though they are far away, rushed and poor quality graphics, excessively slow loading times, 'invisible' enemies able to shoot round corners, and enemies being able to execute sword moves that you can't, and ugly poorly drawn static cutscenes between levels.
    Like I said, a wonderful idea of a game which probably started out wonderful as well, then got rushed out the door by some very short sighted people upstairs. Had the potential to be incredible, and got kicked in the teeth instead.
    The people responsible for ordering this game to be rushed out should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

  5.  Clearer picture for a while - then problems. Don't buy this


    When you first get this cable, you will be either impressed by how sharp everything is, or disappointed by all the jagged lines moving around that you didn't notice before.
    After a while, you may notice some black speckles on your screen, and the screen blacks out completely now and then.
    If you see black speckles then chances are you'll have to send it to Nintendo to get your Wii repaired - I did and my Wii got fixed although it still blacks out with the component cable.
    I switched back to composite because of this and because when I played on Super Mario Bros 2 (NES virtual console game), my brand new HD LCD TV said it didn't support that mode (whatever that meant) but the game worked fine with the composite cable.
    Anyway - don't buy this cable, causes more problems that it's worth.