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  1.  strangely addictive...


    I've had my Powerball for quite a while now and it's a brilliant gadget. After a while you can really feel it working on the muscle groups in your lower arms/wrists and hand.

    My friends and family were intrigued and soon got going once they figured out how. A couple have even bought one for themselves.

    My one complaint is the noise, but it's a minor quibble.

  2.  Quality item and excellent value


    I have used this set with both Windows-based computers and my Macbook. There is support for both platforms and the keyboard and mouse are both very responsive and have caused me no problems.

    For the money, there's no quibbles with the quality and features of this product and is an excellent introduction to the world of wireless peripherals.

    I'd recommend buying some decent rechargeable AA batteries to save you money in the long run, but that goes without saying for most things around the house.

  3.  Ugly, yet adorable!


    If you've already got an Ugly Doll, you know exactly what to expect, but if not, then get ready to enter the Ugliverse! I bought this one for my girlfriend, who's now got another couple an books about the world of the Ugly Dolls.

    These are high quality, plush, cuddly toys that are good value for money. The one downside to Ugly Dolls is that you will get addicted and not have enough space left for new additions to your ugly family!

  4.  Essential desk equipment...


    My girlfriend bought me this as a stocking filler and it's a cracking addition to any desk at work or at home. My only complaint is that it could have another hole or two for more pens...

  5.  Splat-tastic!


    My girlfriend bought me this as a stocking filler and it's a great little gift. The mug area is large enough for all my mugs, big enough for a pint pot too.

    You can't go wrong with any of the items in this range - I've also got Book Mark and Dead Fred - both worth a buy for anyone with a slightly darker sense of humour!

  6.  Gaming perfection


    All the other reviews pretty much sum up what I want to say about Fallout 3. Sprawl the vast post-apocalyptic landscape of DC and pillage all you can from mutants, hunters, raiders and anyone else you chose to kill.

    Choose your path and lose or gain karma with your actions will customising your characters skills to different weapons and abilities - including hacking, lockpicking, luck, persuasive skills and medical skills.

    There are infinite possibilities - it's up to you which path you follow.

    The combat system is quite possibly one of the best i've encountered, although it can be a PITA to target the head on some enemies, but that's my sole complaint with this game.

    Worth every penny. A true gaming masterpiece!

  7.  Codemasters does it again!


    I had the very first colin McRae Rally on my PC years ago and it was great, but this is fantastic. I'm on the third tier of the career mode and the learning curve is a lot better than other driving games.

    With hill climbs, sprints, rallies, rally cross, crossover special stages and other disciplines, the game covers a lot of ground with Evos, Imprezas, Clios, Puntos, buggies, Lancias and plenty of other old and new vehicles. Apart from the slightly tedious Dakar-style truck stages, this mix keeps the game fresh enough for hour after hour of gameplay.

    This might not be the latest version of the game, but for a tenner, the graphics and gameplay is just as good as plenty of newer games.

    Well worth the money.

  8.  Nice quality mug


    I bought this for a Secret Santa gift at work and was impressed when it came. The finish on the mug is nice and bright, as well as looking like it'll last well.

    My missus really liked it and is looking at getting some of the other colours in the range.

  9.  Great value


    I've had these for about 2 years now and they're still going strong. The reviewers who've said that theirs have fallen to pieces must not treat their gear right. They're still in close to new condition and the sound is just as good as when I bought them.

    The 'phones can handle anything from death metal to drum'n'bass and pick out sounds on Red Sparowes, Beach Boys, Grizzly Bear, Melvins, Pelican, Isis and Explosions In The Sky that you've no chance of hearing with the OEM iPod buds.

    For the money you can't beat them, although the reviews of the mkii CX300s might be worth it for a few quid more? I might even get some when (if) mine give up the ghost.