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9 (33% helpful)

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  1.  Nice atmosphere, fair price, few bugs, annoying inventory!


    This game looks fantastic, and plays ok.

    You will spend a long time managing your inventory and ammo.

    There are some ridiculous bugs related to inventory, like not being able to pick up 5 ammo that would fit in your gun if you have no space left in inventory - gotta give something to your partner, get ammo, load them, and get item back from partner. I know this is part of Resident Evil game but i still think the inventory management is silly to say the least.

    However at this price and with online coop this game is really worth it.

  2.  buggy, unsupported game


    This game is terribly buggy even after 1.1 gig of patches. Moreover, it introduces new bugs every day. Currently it impossible for the majority of the online population to create a game, and they are therefore stuck to play on public ascaron server, also unable to progress their online campaign status.

    The enemies are also bugged, they will disappear underground, and you will not be able to target them unless using aoe attacks, if your class has one. Amazingly, this happens also with bosses that are 20 times bigger than standard enemies, they will get stuck underground, they will not attack you, and it will take 30 minutes to kill them with aoe attacks. This still happens after the latest patch changing what should be a thrilling fight into a snorefest.

    Be careful; this game may look pretty at the start, and it takes a good 20 hours of game to realise how many flaws and bugs there are. You will lose items, your stash once filled with precious equipment will inexplicably become empty without nobody touching it, and countless other problems.

    This game is, as of today, effectively unplayable online by a large part of its customers, and there has been zero support from the devs. They do not know what is causing the bug and are not doing anything to improve the problem. Save your money for another game, even if you find at 20$ this game is not worth the stress and frustration it will cause you.