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  1.  Awesome- kinect must have game!


    If you have kids or are young at heart you must own this game, had this a few weeks now and con honestly say its one of the best kinect games i've played to date (i'm a kinect games reviewer) the controls although awkward at first are easy to pick up (best for ages 5+). There is so much to do/discover and collect, you can walk all around the park or activate menu to transport to anywhere on the map, collect autographs, go on rides, play mini games, take photographs, unlock secrets, buy merchandise .......list goes on and on. I've played 2-3 hours and completed 10% so as you can see its a big game. for the money you can not find any better.

  2.  poor controls, very short


    The controls are very inaccurate, unresponsive and slow, thes game is very cheaply produced and after one play you feel like you've done everything! very disappointing especially when this is the 4th instalment. Avoid

  3.  good fun for toddlers and kids partys


    this game was a surprise as i was thinking it would be terrible, not knowing much about the characters or music theres some catchy tunes and great fun characters to dance along to, this is a must for kids partys.
    Excellent presentation, good child like graphics, fun playability and top songs- good to keep the kids active too!

  4.  Best Dance game- ever!


    The first game was great fun and this ones even better and great value for money if you still have the first instalment, you can add the songs from the first game meaning over 80 songs, 2 player action has been added as well as more online modes, the controls are the best on kinect by far- top game!

  5.  great fun if u have the space


    i have to agree with the previous review you do need a lot of space as most of the fun is when played with more than one player, theres some crazy mini games here awesome for a party with friends, the rabbids are cute and funny quite a lot of cut scenes but the mini games is where its at.

  6.  Got Kinect?- get Kinect Sports!


    This game is great fun, one of the best kinect games i've played in fact, has lots to offer too- lots of party games, mini games and competitions. Online (over xbox live) is brilliant too as you use the kinect it self to talk to other players and can compete in all of the main events!
    And if your wanting a keep fit game like Your Fitness- buy this instead and play the track n field events- so energetic its unreal.
    This really is one of the stand out games on kinect and fully deserves the 5 star rating! Also free download content (extra mini games) as just been added! Buy it!!

  7.  Brilliant piece of kit!


    After pre ordering and seeing the crazy pice tag (130 pounds) i was wondering what i was getting myself into, but after opening and setting it all up i can now see why it costs as much as it does! There's some decent games already out (kinect sports, dance central, kinectimals, your shape) but i think the best ones will be released next year, would have given it a 5 star rating if kinect sports came with it instead of adventures, dont get me wrong kinect adventures is a great game and shows off all the best bits from using Kinect but Kinect Sports is a must buy game for it- great family fun!
    My advise would be if you have the space (6ft or 8ft for 2players) buy it!

  8.  Great Arcade racer!


    I wasnt that impressed after playing the first demo but decided to buy it as the last disney racer (pure) was quite good fun. After playing this for a while it really is a great racer, feeling like a arcade classic. You build up your power bar which is neatly placed beneath your car and press the action button to blow buildings, backgrounds or trigger short cuts to open. The graphics are excellent and game moves along at a insanely fast speed. I prefer this over Blur at the end of the day make your own mind up, if you like mario kart styled racers go with blur if you like fast action packed racers go with split second.

  9.  Good treat for summer!


    Good follow on from where fifa 10 left off, some nice opening scenes, great football licence- just missing out on having the official world cup song on it which would have made the menu screens better to surf through. Overall a good fill in slot before fifa 11 is released. Plus you can make England a much better team than they really are!

  10. Blur


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £999.00  Free delivery

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     was expecting more


    put the mario kart power ups on a need for speed racer and you'll get something like this, good idea but ends up being a bit repetitive, i enjoyed split second more and forza 3 more than both of them.