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  1.  Realistic flying without loadsa buttons


    I really wasn't expecting something this good after reading reviews about other flying games, but this is ACE..
    You can do full rolls and loops, stall, etc, and the many different planes react in realisticly different ways..
    Levels play very smooth and the replays are superb, with about 9 views..
    Got PSP for Xmas specifically for GranTurismo, but have played this instead.. It's that good...
    Have done a simple take off, but so far missions start in the air, altho i've only got to lvl 9, so it might be possible later.
    If you want a flying shooter with semi-sim handling but arcade playability buy it...

  2.  For Kids, But very addictive for a 34yr old


    I was expecting an infantile game for kids, but as it came in the PSP box with cam was worth a try..
    Works in conjunction with a 'Trap', a 10x5 (ish) rectangle with patterns on it. The camera recognises the 'Trap' and requires you to place it down in various areas to catch and play with the animal. You can walk around the animals (Or rotate the Trap if you're lazy), close in or out, and the graphics are fantastic..
    I expected to play it once, then move to GranTurismo, but the technology makes it addictive..
    Worth while if you're interested in 'altered reality' or wot ever it's called.. or just have a camera and want to use it more..