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  1.  Good quality clock


    Here is some information about the clock. The clock measures 15x8x4.5cm, and only runs off 3x AAA batteries. The clock displays The time (both 12 or 24hr format), an alarm (even if not set), and the Date. There is a big snooze button on top of the clock. On the back of the clock there are different buttons to set the time, date and alarm. The display is easy to read with a "Jumbo LCD Display" as it says in the manual. When you press the snooze button the green light (which is a nice, luminous green) comes on for about 3 seconds. The alarm is great as it has an ascending volume - so you wont get frightened by your alarm in the morning, and will not stop unless you turn it off. I like this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for an alarm clock. 5/5

  2.  NOT Smarter than a smart phone


    Samsung advertised this phone as a "smarter than smartphone." It isn't a smartphone at all. It uses the touchwiz 2.0 OS, whereas the smartphones use Windows, Symbian or Android. Samsung is releasing a new OS called 'BADA,' and reports show that there will be an update to new and old Jet users that will change the OS from Touchwiz to BADA. It's camera isn't the best, but it's videos are stunning. Music player is fantastic, fast internet - especially with wifi. Very responsive, great games, it has motion sensor, which all work very well. If the phone is unlocked it's fantastic. If the phone is branded (like Orange or Vodaphone) it's horrendous because the stuff Orange put on it slow the phone right down. If you're getting this Phone from Samsung, or from Play.com, 4/5 - because there are better phones for the price -,but I like it, so get it. If you're getting this phone from a service provider ... "Be smarter than a smartphone..." and don't get it.

  3.  Typical Tekken - Brilliant :)


    Everything about this game is brilliant - apart from the oversized final boss. If you played Tekken 5 and thought jinpachi was a nightmare to beat, picture jinpachi's size quadrupled, with more counter attacks. This boss is really quite difficult, but you'll quickly learn to guard/attack at the right time and beat it. The story mode is excellent. At the start, the opening scene of the story mode explains what has happened through tekken 1, all the way up to tekken 6, so if you haven't played previous games, it doesn't matter - you won't be confused as to what the story is about. I spent more than a few hours playing story mode alone, and I enjoyed playing it. Tekken 6 has offline mode and online mode. In offline mode, you can choose arcade mode, time attack, survival, teams, and vs mode. Choosing online mode allows you to play agaisnt other players - either ranked matches or casual matches. In the previous games, I always got stressed and wanted to throw my controller at the screen. Tekken 6 still has this trait. You will probably get very stressed while playing it (I get stressed because of the final boss :) ), but it wouldn't be a Tekken game without it. 5/5 - brilliant game.