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  1.  Perfectly functional!


    Firstly I'd like to point out that the remote is perfectly functional, but the infrared sensor on the original 360 is pretty poor. This was first evident when I synced it with my TV to change the volume (very handy feature) and it worked from any direction I pointed it. So, that kind of proves the infrared on the original 360 models suck - BUT after buying the new slim xbox, I can say it works perfectly well with that. So when you see a review saying the remote sucks because you have to point it directly at the xbox, it is a little misleading because its actually the 360's sensor. Overall this remote is fully functional and convenient instead of using an actual controller all the time - you don't have to power it up or power it down every time you use it, there are direct buttons for changing audio/angle and aspect ratio, and of course linking the remote with your TV. I would like to see Microsoft release a new version of this remote, but it will probably just get the black treatment like the rest of their accessories. If you've got the spare cash and you watch a lot of DVD's/media through your xbox, I'd highly recommend it!

  2.  All-star classic Family Guy


    If you don't know family guy before the likes of season 6 then this is a must. Any fan has to experience the early episodes and storylines of seasons 1-2 (this is actually U.S season 1 divided into two, alot of episodes!) - season 3 is where family guy starts pioneering its reoccurring jokes and themes and is truly laugh out loud. Season 4 begins to see the animation really take shape, again classic episodes with some outrageously funny jokes. This 1-4 pack also includes an exclusive 'family guy: uncovered' dvd with commentary for 28 episodes taken from seasons 1-3, deleted scenes and more. Again, a must for die hard fans. There are literally tonnes of episodes in this box set, 5 stars!

  3.  Stunning.


    I can't put into words how good this game is. I'm writing this just after completing singleplayer story, absolutely EPIC. An ESSENTIAL game.

  4.  Scrub up for a much loved TV comedy


    Scrubs has become one of those in-demand TV shows that looks like it will stand the test of time, which is rare considering the amazingly huge access to such variety across TV and Film. Like Friends, Scrubs has memorable, loveable (and love to hateable) characters that no matter how many times you revisit you are never dissapointed and laugh every time. Series 1 covers all the criteria for a funny period sitcom, probably the funniest doctor themed comedy around. It appeals to a large demographic as well, I can sit down and watch this with my friends, younger sister or parents. Scrubs come in simple but smartly presented packaging. 5 stars for this particular season of Scrubs.

  5.  Brilliant, fresh and damn funny


    Cougar Town Season 1 is a brilliant new comedy that throws you straight into the fun with memorable, quotable characters and an already fast paced storyline. The story is fresh and relevant to its time, with Courtney Cox nailing her role playing a newly divorced 40 year old - trying to relive her 20's. Cougar Town is definitely a show you can watch again and pick up on new jokes and hidden comedic factors. If you are a big fan of Bill Lawrence's work then you will probably recognise reoccurring cast from Scrubs here and there, Courtney herself starring in the first 3 episodes of Scrubs season 8. Lawrence continues his passion for Tom Petty music, every episode of Cougar Town his named after one of his songs. With the success of such other US comedy in the UK, Cougar Town is a definite hit - roll on season 2!

  6.  Snug hoodie, great value for money


    I have always been hesitant to by clothes from the internet because of sizing issues, but looking at the labels on most of my clothes (38"-40") i went for a medium and (for me) it fits perfectly. It is a snug fashionable fit, bearing in mind I am very skinny and prefer this sort of look. If you are of one of the listed sizes and want a baggier look then the next size up of your usual may be appropriate. All in all this is a very comfortable, fashionable item and an unbelievable low price. I'm so happy with mine I'm tempted to buy another in another colour. 5 stars for Fly53 and play.com's swift delivery.