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  1.  Something fortunate


    This game has many book and movie references which is quite good, considering I've only seen the movie. This game is quite fun as you can play as either Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. The only thing this game could've done with is harder missions and more challenging locations. Could've also been in duration of the book series, instead of the movie.

  2.  Sonic Riders ZG


    SRZG is a brilliant sequal to Sonic Riders, although its controls are confusing if you are used to the first game but it's a heck of a lot of fun. So 4 stars!

  3.  Ty is the tiger!


    Ty the tasmanian tiger is a challenging game I admit, but I find it enjoyable. The reason I give it 4 stars is because, even though it is very challenging and makes you search carefully for collectables, it has some similarities to Sonic and Spyro. But I like it and I'd definately recommend the game! :-)

  4.  Sonic the Hedgehog; Brilliant game or SEGA's downfall?


    This game was full of glitches and was quite challenging, but I never gave up on it and can write the review. Sonic the Hedgehog has a unique storyline and brilliant themes for the characters, but the game may've been either too hard or full of glitches. The game had a few characters that weren't needed such as Amy Rose, who was in it for a couple of levels and one or two cutscenes and that was it. This game also had a similar villain storyline as seen in SADX, Eggman gets double crossed, etc., etc. The game also has good town missions, but it is kind of impossible to get some achievments. This game has quite unique levels and has characters with unique skills, e.g. Blaze's pyrokinesis & Silver's pshycokinesis. The final compilation of levels and final boss seemed hard and takes a while to complete it, but not impossible. Overall: Average
    Reason for rating: Little attacks that were unique or different, but good (to help people on anger managment courses)

  5.  Freakin' sweet!


    The Family Guy videogame has alot of the jokes from the TV series and has hysterical levels, but the game could've done with different cutaways and could've been longer. This game is great, but could've been better if you could play as Lois, Chris and Meg in their own stories and levels. Finally the jokes are old, but are funny when put to new situations, which is what this game does.