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  1.  Dissapointed.......


    I'd been looking forward to this for weeks...... a chance to see the original AIRWOLF movie back from 1984... of course I've seen it a zillion times since (thanks to the series 1 boxset), but AIRWOLF ... uncut!...... all the missing scenes back in!...... on Bluray!!!!!

    NOT as exciting as it first seems.......

    Whilst the missing scenes [which add a huge amout to the plot] have indeed been reinstated...... the original ending has NOT! The whole part where Hawke refuses to return Airwolf to the Firm has been omitted...... a real shame in my honest opinion...... would have made this a zillion times better.

    However, its the picture quality that bothers me. It's no different to that of the DVD. It's grainy, even distorted in some places.... certainly doesn't look like it's been remastered in any way.....

    No extras....... and even the iconic theme is missing from the menu..... (No different to the DVD either)

    All in all, whilt it's great to have such a classic out on bluray.... I can't help but feel that most fans of the show will be left feeling alittle empty by this release.

    All in all, the season one boxset is by far better value for money (and dare I say) far better quality too............

    It could have been so much more.....

  2.  A superior follow up!


    If you loved the first, then there is no doubt you'll find these just as enthralling. Unlike the first (which was more of diving EXPERIENCE) EO2 - as the title suggests - is more of an ADVENTURE based game. There are numerous story threads which need to be completed before you can move on to the next level, but you still have plenty of time to explore every inch of the sea on your journey. Infact, you can just play the game from the treasure hunting point of view (as in ignore looking at all the species etc and searching around) complete that, THEN go back and do all the other things expected of an Endless Ocean game.
    The gameplay / controls are basically the same as the first, but with a few extra features .... the animation & graphics outshine the original by a mile too!

    The cut scenes are abit long winded and drawn out (hence I couldnt give it a full 5 stars) BUT - there is sooooooooo much to see & do here, with 6 different oceans + the Amazon river!, the ability to explore on land - twice as many species as in the first game and simply load to explore a discover. I've logged almost 24 hours dive time since buying this and although have almost completed the 'main' object of the game, know that I'm gonna be stuck on this for months just hunting around .......

    Here's hoping that there will be an Endless Ocean 3 in the future .... maybe with a little extra highlight on wreck diving too!