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  1.  Great game!!


    I bought this game on release day and was hooked. clocked up 30 hours gameplay in the first weekend and only 30% complete, missions are really good and the map and vehicles are amazing nothing better than stealing a military jet and doing a bomb run :o) great game. My game of the year!!

  2.  Good


    I have all albums by Kosheen and they are amazing this one is very good and worth buying but i have to admit that Damage is better and Resist is far better but then again this album is more rocky and less house so it depends what you like. Worth getting though as always Kosheen delivers

  3.  Amazing


    Ive waited and waited for a new album from Kosheen and what a good album! it still amazes me after listening to Kosheen for 7 years that so many have missed out.... I would highly recommend Resist which is the first album from Kosheen and a masterpiece!!

  4.  Short but good


    A short game but good and enjoyable, if you like terminator buy it and enjoy :-)

  5. Resist


    Kosheen - CD

    9 New from  £3.14  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     An amazing album if you dont own it your missing out


    This album is without a doubt number one in my collection, ive had it since 2004 and still listen to it all the way through at least twice a week :o) kosheens first and best album, every song is amazingly good from house tunes to more drum & bass tunes this album is a must. If you like kosheen you might wanna give the album damage ago its a good one to ;o)

  6.  Worth it just for planet earth :-)


    I got one of these for xmas and have a bought a few films and Planet Earth which is AMAZING!! in HD This player is worth it just for the sights you see in HD on Planet Earth and im going with the last review... Blu-ray may have won but ull never find a blu-ray player in my home.... ;-)

  7.  OMG COD4 ROCKS :-)


    AMAZING!!! If you don't own this game then you really are missing out ;-) I don't need to say more this one speaks for itself & its a MUST HAVE :-)

    "Let's do this Marines"



    I bought this game having never played an RPG before as I find them boring but not this game, after 2 hours of game play you are let loose on the galaxy with your own spaceship and lets just say the greatest, most varied and in-depth journey you could ever hope to have experienced without leaving your home is about to begin :-) If you have not yet experienced the MASS EFFECT then I envy you as the first time you play through this game you will be amazed...! and all games that you play after it seem empty....

  9.  Impressed


    Pre-ordered the game thinking ill give it a go for £29.99 and im glad i did, If your looking for some FPS action with some nice weapons then look no further :-) this one will keep ya going till xmas....

  10.  What a let down


    First off, Hitman is a great game but.... no matter how i look at it this game is SOOOO BAD!!!! first off its supposed to be a CO-OP game according to the reviews i read, I would just like to add that in todays world with the wonders of modern technology if im gonna play a game co-op then i would like to do so with a friend over xboxlive and not splitscreen as you have to do so in this game :-( the gameplay is terrible and the mutiplayer is even worst... Sorry its a negitive review....