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  1.  Very poor effort from ID


    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is not a good game. There are better (& cheaper) team based war shooters out there.

    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is basically all about teamwork & classes. Certain classes can only do certain things (as you'd expect). Only engineers can repair vehicles & turrets & build certain things & so forth. This is both good & bad. Good, because it makes you want to try each class & see which suites you best. Bad, because you'll end up sticking with one class. Not because you like that one better than the others, but because its easier to win the game that way. Even tho other classes can make say, artillery. The engineer is the only one that can repair artillery. Yes, thats realistic, but it also means you'll more often than not be playing with a load of engineers because thats the easiest way to keep your base defenses in order & win the game.
    The controls are pretty poor too. Yes, they move you around as you'd expect, but the auto aim is overly generous, & you'll find yourself dying (a lot) because of this. The AI isn't too bad, medics do a good job of healing you when you need it, ammo can be a bit harder to come by sometimes, however. Vehicle handing is pretty poor too. Its sumthing of a standard on the 360 that the Halo warthog controls are what we prefer & expect. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has its own control method. & while not bad, its does feel very clucnky, unrealistic & imprecise compared to what we're used to.
    The weapoon controls are truly the biggest problem for this game. You can't move up & down through your weapons. you have to just cycle through them each time. Go one step too far? Sorry, you'll have to go through them all again to get the weapon you want! Reloading weapons takes ages too!! Seriously. & what compounds this is the fact that there is no melee attack. At this stage in the games, melee attacks are a standard (if last resort) feature in every FPS. If you ran out of ammo, instead of reloading you could just wallop your foe. But not in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. If you want to melee, yes, you've guessed it. You have to cycle through your weapons until you get the knife, & then you can stab them. Providing you don't go one button press too far that is, & have to cycle thru your weapons again until you get the knife. This is a pretty major miss by the game developers. A melee attack is far more useful than some of the other features included in the game. You'll find yourself getting wound up by this, big time!

    The game is basically a multiplayer only affair. Yes, there is a single player campaign, but its just the multiplayer game with Bots. & joining a match online is a slow, time consuming affair. & most matches are laggy as hell.

    You want a good future war game? Get Frontline - Fuels of War. Its cheaper, better looking, has a proper single player campaign that is awesome, fantastic multiplayer, great controls, loads of vehicles & is now half the price of this poor effort by ID.

    If you must have a crack at this game, try renting before you buy it. You'll be glad you did. Or pick it up at a budget price.

  2.  Worth every penny! Pays for itself (sort of)


    Wii Fit is finally here!! I've just got my copy (3 weeks after launch) & its very easy to see why its sold out! Everyone wants it! Its terrific fun! Even my mum loves it & she hates gaming!

    If, like me, you'd like to lose a few pounds & get a little healthier without paying outrageous gym fees, this could be the answer your looking for.

    The first thing that struck me about Wii fit is the quality of the thing. The balance board feels & looks to be of a very high standard. The software is friendly & a joy to interact with too. For 70 quid, you get a very user-friendly system that will monitor & track your progress in regards to weight loss, body mass index, & your exercise regime. Its a doddle to set up, & its so easy to use its almost a pleasure. Put the disc in your Wii, put the supplied batteries in the balance board, sync it to your Wii, & thats it! The interface is so friendly its like watching a cartoon & its in no way intimidating. Yes, you'll be working up a sweat, but you won't be scared to do it. In fact you'll be looking forward to it!!

    The exercises work in various ways (fat burning, muscle building, posture, etc) & there is plenty or variation in the games/exercises. They get progressively harder as you advance. You start off with only a few available, but more unlock as you progress. The software monitors your progress as well as any weight lost or gained. It also offers you friendly & helpful advise (avoid late night snacking etc). I noticed that if it gives you bad news, its done in a way that has a silver lining. But lets be honest, if you buy Wii Fit, chances are you need to lose a few pounds (like me!) so a bit of blunt truth might not be a bad thing. You even get to pick a personal trainer! How much would that cost you in a gym?

    I said it pays for itself. I look at it this way. Join a gym for 50 quid a month. Have to pay that for 12 months - 600 quid. Have to travel to said gym, & buy clothes to exercise in. More expense. Or buy Wii Fit for 70 quid one off payment, & have access to highly polished interactive system that tracks your progress, encourgaes you reach your goals in weight loss & exercise, is terrific fun to play & it doesn't even feel like exercise.

    Make no mistake, you will sweat with Wii Fit. But you'll have a good time doing it. & like any exercise, you get out what you put in. & it can't control what you eat so there is some responsibility required on your part.

    I'm not saying Wii Fit is the miracle cure us fatties have been waiting for - to get thin while playing games. But its not far off it. The exercises are good, the games are great fun, the interface software & hardware are of a very high standard & its just a joy to play/exercise.

    If your sat on the fence, get off it & get fit. Get Wii Fit!!! (see what I did there? ;o)

  3.  Excelsior!!!!!!


    Marvel Ultimate Alliance is simply put, the best Marvel Superhero game there is! Whether you're playing alone, or with a friend, you're bound to find sumthing to please you!!

    Plot aside, the game plays the same as the Xmen Legends games. You have a team of 4 heroes, which you can change when it suites you. Want to play as the Fantastic Four? You can? X-Men? You can. Avengers? You can. The list of heroes (& villians) you'll play & battle against is a Marvel fanboys wet dream.

    The presentation is superb! The cut scenes are Hollywood CGI standards for the most part, & the voice acting has been done superbly. There is a shedload of unlockable content in the game, ranging from new heroes to classic costumes & missions. The games environments are varied with plenty of things you can break. All the heroes have unique powers that you can expand on & earn more abilities.

    All in all, this is the definitive Marvel Superheroes package. If I had to say there were any faults, it would be that maybe its too big a game (you won't fly through this one, no pun intended), with too many heroes! If you're not into Marvel, chances are you'll be bored. But if you've always wanted to sling a shield like Captain America, or go berserk like only Wolverine can, then look no further.

  4.  Fun!! For about twenty minutes alone. Longer if with a buddy


    Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects is a bit of a rarity. Its rare in the sense that there are hardly any halfway decent superhero video games with a single player campaign & a multiplayer aspect too.

    & Marvel Nemesis is halfway decent. Its just not great either. Without going into the plot, you take some Marvel superheroes, & battle a load of made up one that EA have created. In single player, you fight your way through some very linear levels to battle the chosen villain at the end. Certain parts of the games environment are destructable so as to make you feel like your causing collateral damage. Honestly, its works in a so-so fashion. To sum up, the single player mode is pretty average & easily forgettable.
    Multiplayer is where the fun begins! Ever wanted to pitch Daredevil against Spider-Man? The Thing against Wolverine? Iron Man against Venom? Well now you can. One on one combat can be fun, but you find the short roster of real heroes & even shorter choice of arenas means you'll be getting bored by repetition quicker than usual. Its not bad, but it could have been (SHOULD have been) a lot better. & a lot bigger.

    Although backwards compatible on the 360, if you're after a superhero fix, especially on the Wii, 360 or PS3, then try Marvel Ultimate Alliance for a great single player mode that give you the option of co-op play. If you're after superheroes battling each other, this is as good as it gets for now, & sadly, it ain't that good!!

  5.  Army of Pooh!!!


    Well, its finally here after the delay. Army of Two has arrived! & you know what? I wished it was delayed that little bit longer to make it that little bit better.

    The game is basically a modern day shooter, set in the near future. You work as a mercenary doing missions around the world that the military either cannot or will not touch.

    Gameplay itself is based around co-op. You & either an AI pal or a real life buddy (either locally, or over Xbox Live) team up to do these missions. They are supposed to take place all over the world, but the levels all have this washed-out colour effect, so they all look kind of samey. Hype for the game makes a big deal about being able to customise your character & weapons. This is a bit of a bluff, as customisation for your character is actually just 3 types of body armour (full, medium & light) & different face masks. The differences face mask-wise are purely cosmetic. & I can't say the armour made much difference that I noticed either. The weapons can get souped up by adding longer barrells, better stocks, bigger ammo magazines etc. But again, when you make these changes, you never notice a drastic improvement in their performance. & the ability to bling out your weapons will no doubt appeal to the Max Power generation, but really, its not all that clever or useful an option.

    All in all, Army of Two is a fair to middling co-op shooter. There are FAR better ones out there, however.
    If you're desperate for some pretty, well scripted, co-op shooting action try Gears of War, Halo 3, Rainbow 6 Vegas, even Kane & Lynch - Deadmen first.

    But if you absolutely must get this game, my advice would be to wait for the price to drop. It simply is not worth full price purchase.

  6.  War!!! Its fantastic!!!! :o)


    Frontlines: Fuel Of War is put simply, an awesome game!! Its come in under the radar, without all the hype & build up of Halo 3 or COD 4, buts it certainly capable of holding its own against the big boys.

    The single player game has you as a soldier, taking on different roles in a near-future conflict. Oil is running out, & its you against whats left of communist russia/china. The levels are HUGE! & are very well put together. Nothing in one area looks the same as it does in another area. A lot of quality work has been done on this game. Because of the near-future setting, there are some cool futuristic-but-realistic weapons & gadgets to use in-game. Radio controlled drones both airbourne & land based are great fun to use. Also there are some very meaty & original weapons to have a go with. Combat is fast, hard & aggressive. & its a ton of fun!!

    Multiplayer is where this great game gets even better. Imagine a cross between COD4 & battlefield with knobs on. You like big tanks? You can drive them in this game! Can you use jeeps? Oh yes!! APC's, light tanks choppers, jets - they are all yours to use & abuse!!!. You can climb ladders onto buildings & mount rock features, which means you can do some awesome snipering. & the severs support 35 players, I have even played in a game with 50 players. Its runs smooth, lag free for most of the time. The levels are well put together, & some are just massive! Whether you want to sniper, do spec ops, or run around all guns blazing, there is sumthing for everyone here. Add to that different skills you can have (call in airstrikes, use drones, build turrets) its online multiplayer warfare heaven!

    At 30 quid, this game is one of the bargains of the year, & in my opinion, one of the best, (& undermarketed) games of the year.

    Buy it!

  7.  Ten-hutt!!


    Battalion Wars 2 is a good, fun game! Its like a Disney version of Command & Conquer. & by that I means its cartoony, its fun, its not too hard to follow, but there is sumthing in there that most people can enjoy.

    The game itself is very easy to get into. You take control of various Army, Navy & Air Force units to complete your mission objective. Its done very well, & is a good insight to how real war is conducted. Your guided through the missions & instructed on how to do & use features in the game. Its well done, & you'll have to be stupid to not be able to follow it. The presentation is great as well! British, Russian, & American forces are respresented in a comical, characature style which is polished & funny. All in all, its a very tidy package.

    The controls are okay. Not great though. You use the Wii remote for various things like aiming & unit selection. The latter can be tricky on a busy screen, but thankfully the games developers have inplemented a way around that. The controls are okay - but you can't help wonder in some cases would a regular controller have worked better?

    Online is fun too, but its a shame you can't play thru the single player campaign with a buddy. & also there is no voice chat. Not major beefs, & this is the Wii after all, not the powerhouse Xbox 360 or PS3. But the multiplayer does feel a little last gen in its offerings.

    All in all, Battalion Wars 2 is a superb war game! If you've got a Wii, & you're bored of Mario or Zelda, it might be worth a butchers :o)

  8.  Top stuff!!!!


    Metroid Prime 3 is the Wii's best FPS. Bar none!

    Its easy to get into. The use of the Wii remote is both intuitive & accurate. It looks & sounds great too!

    The missions are good. You could argue they are a bit linear, but they are a lot of fun as well as being very atmospheric.

    If you have a Wii, this a one of the big four you need to own (the others being Mario Galaxy, Zelda, & RE4).

  9.  Buy this game!!!


    I've never been a fan of the Resident Evil games. I got the first one on the PS1, & hated it. The gameplay with its awkward perspective drove me nuts!!

    However if, like me, you avoided this franchise for that reason its safe to came back to it now.

    RE4 does away with the annoying perspective & had a more traditional over the shoulder view. & it makes the gameplay a zillion times better. Its far more atmospheric & intense.

    This game is also very scary. Gone are the "zombies" & instead we get something far more scary. Brainwashed religious zealots. The story is like something crossed with the wicker man & a john carpenter movie! Its very good indeed.
    The graphics are great too! They have a drab washed out colour scheme that really helps add to the atmosphere. You'll find yourself feeling cold, & nervous when your exploring because the game looks cold & tense.

    What really makes the game though is the use of the Wii remote. Aiming with it so your character aims makes the game a lot more immersive. You can't help but panic as you're pumping a bad guy full of bullets hoping he goes down before he reaches you or you run out of bullets! Entering new areas with your weapon drawn, scanning for bad guys, its just another level of interaction that you won't get with the 360/PS3

    This was the first game I got for the Wii, & its still one of the best, even against Metroid, Mario Galaxy & Zelda.

    If you're a mature gamer, who feels too old for Mario & Zelda isn't your thing, give this a go. You'll be glad you did!

  10.  Got a Wii?? Get this game!!!


    Its nintendo tradition they every console has a flagship Mario game. This is the Wiis.

    Super Mario Galaxy is to put it simply, a fun, gorgeous looking game! & it could be argued that its the best game on the Wii. & when thats against RE4, Metroid & Zelda, thats quite a feat!

    The gameplay is just a joy to play. Its easy to learn, hard to master, & fun to play! & its just so much fun its unreal!

    The graphics while not at Pixar standards, do look terrific too! Yeah, so they ain't HD. It doesn't need to be. It still look great. The game has some of the most original environments seen in years. A LOT of thought has gone into this game & it really shows.
    The product as a whole is very polished; well done Nintendo!

    This is a game just about anyone will enjoy. Its fun, good to look at & has loads of gameplay in it.

    If your between 6 & 60, & you own a Wii, then get this game!!