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  1.  Medieval Total War 2;Gold Edition


    Medieval Total war 2 focuses on Medieval Europe. At the beginning of the game England, France and some other countries are available to you. The aim of the game is to take a certain amount of settlements along with sometimes a particular settlement. On random occasions the Pope will call for a Crusade against a muslim settlement. If you choose to join this crusade you must go and fight to take this settlement from them.

    Its gameplay is excellent for those who loved the predecessors, Empire Total War, Rome Total War. Where you can play as a God type character controlling the entire empire you create.

    Battles can be Auto-Resolved to get through the campaign quickly, Or if you want to play them yourself it is equally fun. You will tell yourself i'll come off this in 10 minutes, Then you will get immersed in your own mission to take a settlement and realise you've played for another hour.

    Medieval Gold Contains ; Americas, Teutonic, Britannia and the Crusades, These provide hours and hours of gameplay to the original game. Each game has the same type of objectives, just in different places and focuses on different factions in this time. Each faction in each game has unique units and battle styles.

    This game is worth buying, I cant see how the next game of the Total war series could get much better than Medieval, it's pure gold for anyone looking to branch out into the RTS Gaming Branch.

  2.  Tenchu Z, Great Game For Patient Gamers.


    Tenchu Z, The Ninja Fantasy. This game is packed with missions in good ninja style techniques.

    For the patient gamer, this game is for you, Locating your targets and stealth assassinating guards and rival ninjas takes a degree of thought to your approach and patience to wait it out.

    The in-game Graphics are good with a good play-style to match. Although the usual stealth assassination cut-scenes can get a little repetitive. And some missions can also be the same. It lacks variety in the difficulty settings per mission. If you have to reach a mark in the easiest difficulty, It would have the same place and amount of enemies on the hardest difficulty. It just simply makes them more aware to you if your exposed.

    The storyline can be hard to follow at times unless you pay attention to after-mission cutscenes, while at some point you may forget what the plot is completely.

    The game is a great buy if you love the combination of sword and ninja style along with assassination, but other than that the game shows barely any variety in Mission and play-style.