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  1.  Rubbish


    The only good thing about this game is the graphic's, the rest is a mix of annoying and boring, finding your way to a set place or unlocking doors and the constant punching that guy and that guy and oh yes that guy as well.

  2.  Failed!


    This was a game could have been great, it was ok as games go, but is way to limited in the storyline and in play options to be called an RPG. The replay value is poor as its all the same over and over and so-on. So overall i was very dissapointed.

  3.  Great Game


    This is one of the best games i've played on the DS the graphic's are good the game play is good the only problem i found was that after about half way through the game you knew how the stroy line would play out. Other than that a great game.

  4.  If only i could have given it half a star


    I got this game because it sounded good, looked quite good and from the reviews seemed a really good game. However this far from the best RPG game on the DS. The graphic's are not the best, the aiming of the combat system is anoying as you tend to miss the target more often than hit it and the camera angles leave you looking through the larger monsters until you move the camera mean while, you've been stomped on by a massive beasty. Also the game dose not pause while you open the system menu, so while your trying to take out items, your player again get's stomped on, not good.

  5.  Wow it's cool


    I was all ready to be disapionted by this game, but after playing it for what i thought was about an hour, realised that it was more like four. The game somehow drags you in, the graphics are good and the game play is easy to pick up. the only down side i felt about the game was that the story mode only has one story line to it when i thought there could have been other opions, posssibly other cultures, which would have increased the game life. However i like this game alot.

  6.  It's great


    It really is one of the best RTS games ive played, and the best Lord of the ring games out there. I really like the option to create your own hero, and lets face it there's not much better about gaming than stomping your enemys into the ground.