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  1.  Keeps space at a minimum


    When I bought an iPad, I got 3 accessories with it... And this was one of it. The design of this product is top class, with the top being made out of aluminium, while the back having been made of glass I suppose. The angle it's been placed at is great; not that much, yet not too little that it's too low to type on. Just, if you do buy it, remember to dust it often, because it really does look dirty, if you don't. Meanwhile, typing is smooth, really good for typers, like myself. I've had it for 3 months, and been using it quite a lot, for my iPad, my iMac... Everything Apple related. The one I bought has not gotten any scratches on it yet, and it looks just as it did when I got it out of the boxing. Just remember not to place a cup of coffee next to it or something haha.

  2.  It's good, but...


    Alright, first off, I'd like to mention I had bought the iPod Touch 3rd Generation 64GB version a year ago, and that was the first iPod Touch I ever bought, and its speed and precision, as well as gaming and music options really wowed me. Seeing this year's new release, with new additions, like the 2 cameras, retina display, thinner structure, I decided to buy it this year too (64GB).

    These are some things I am liking about the iPod Touch 4G:

    -Retina Display.
    It is a site to see; the colours are very fibrant, and when reading text compared to the 3rd Generation's display, there is really a big difference in the pixels.

    They are better than the 3rd Generation's, which I'd like to say, were of quite bad quality, and not the best choice over earphones. The 4th Generation's speakers are still not up to par though, as when you turn the volume up louder, the quality seems to disperse, and you just think, "I guess I have to stick to earphones". If you don't happen to have earphones, then I suppose you could use the speaker, but at a low volume.

    I happen to use Skype quite a lot, and during the past year, I used my iPod Touch with the Remote + Microphone Apple Earphones to talk to friends of mine using the Skype App. The earphones were rather annoying though, because I had to hold my voice close to the microphone to get my friend to hear me. After a while, they broke, and I decided not to buy a replacement pair (21 pounds). I used Skype with the 4G, and my friend said I was coming through very crisp, and yeah, I'm happy I can just go around the house, no annoying earphones, talking to friends on Skype.

    - Rear Camera.
    The 720p HD Recording is for real, and may I say, surprising that Apple were able to do it, while making it so thin. It's not up to par with the recordings we can make with cameras dedicated to recording footage, but hey, for a portable that's mainly aiming for gaming, it's still good. Stills are not worth capturing though, just recording weird enough.

    Some things I didn't like though, and I thought could have done with improving:

    The material.
    The back is still steel based, and makes the iPod Touch look the real deal, but after a few minutes of holding it, the back was all covered in my fingerprints. It's also a major scratch magnet, which was the same with the previous generations. I'd have thought Apple would have realised the problem, and changed to something like aluminium; the same back as the iPad, which I can confirm, looks just as good, and doesn't get scratched... AT ALL.

    Front camera.
    I don't really mind about the front camera, since I don't think I would use FaceTime that much, and I'm not so desperate to use it for taking photos of my face. Still, it would have been nice if Apple had taken some effort into placing a better megapixel camera for the front, but you can't have it all.

    On/Off Button
    On the past generations, the button was always situated on the left side, and while I have only had 1 previous iPod Touch, I had gotten rather used to the placing, and it was pretty convenient for me, as I'm partly left-handed. To think Apple said they wanted to keep the iPod Touch as far apart to the iPhone 4, I guess in the end, that was a lie.

    In the end, when compared to the iPod Touch 3rd Gen, there isn't really that much difference, besides the better display, the slimmer design, the addition of cameras, and the A4 Chip. The RAM is still the same, as the 3rd Generations, the remote + mic earphones were not included with it, as well as no IPS technology was included. In the end, I give it a 3/5 for neglecting on improving important features (speakers, back material).

  3.  Must have


    I personally have 4 Wii remotes and 4 Wii Nunchuks, which I have so my friends and family can come over and play some multi-player games with me. Without one for each individual person, it's like just wearing one trainer and the other bare. It just doesn't look right without one connected to the Wii remote, so definitely get one for each set.

    Also, I'd like to say as a quick tip to never buy Wii remotes or Nunchuks instore, as you can get them much cheaper (Like half the price) from independant companies on play.com or play.com themselves.

  4.  Worth the money


    Don't listen to the person who gave a 1 star. It really does work. I've had my Wii for some time now, and when I was unable to play Red Steel 2 because of a Disc read error, I didn't really know what to do. I went and looked around for a solution, which were either to send it off to Nintendo to fix, or to just DIY with a lens cleaner.

    I didn't know which lens cleaner to try, so I just checked play.com if they had one and I got around to finding this little thing. I trust the whole 'Official' accessories Nintendo make for us, as I have a number of top quality items from them for the Wii (including the Officially Licensed Nintendo Speaker System - They are great).

    For 6 pounds, I reckon it was worth it. Used it once and wow, I couldn't believe how much dirt was on that white cloth (Too much Super Mario Galaxy I guess), and now, I have no Disc read problems, so really recommend if you guys have this problem.

  5.  Brilliant


    It's one of the few 18+ games available on the PSP, though I personally don't understand why, as graphically, you don't see blood, swearing, drugs, or anything but hack-and-slash. However, enough about that; what makes this game good?

    Well, let's see... It is by far the best graphical game out there on the PSP, and by all means, a very long game, if you consider the modes you can go in, so this would keep you quite happy for the odd play on the train back home. It is a must have game, which is already known, as it has become Platinum on the PSP (I have the original version), but makes it even better, as you get the game cheaper than what it's worth in context!

    However, I don't give a 5 star rating, because there isn't a large variety in the game. There is only one weapon to use, which can get repetitive a little. Nevertheless, a great game, and at this price, surely it is worth it?

  6.  Awesome portable... No joke!


    I had my doubts on buying the PSP Go, but since I had my PSP-1000 since the beginning of the launch, I decided to get it since I had extra money and it had been like 4 years since I'd brought that PSP.

    And well, I'm enjoying my decision. It's really light is one thing! I thought the analog stick being replaced in the middle would hinder my gaming, but you know what, it doesn't and you get used to it after awhile. Even though it's got a smaller screen, it makes the design smaller and easier to take around. I couldn't put my PSP in my pocket without it poking out, but it doesn't with the PSP Go, I'm glad to say.

    However, the bad thing is the fact you can't use UMDs with this, and have to download via Playstation Network. When I bought this, I got an offer of 3 free games to download. That's a bad thing if you have really bad internet speed, like myself, so that's a disadvantage to getting straight to playing games. Meanwhile, my UMD's are rendered useless, and when I wanna play God of War, I have to use my PSP-1000. Also, 16GB doesn't do it justice if you wanna fill up your Go with loads of games. Good thing there's a Memory Card slot eh?

    But other than that, the wifi is fast, it makes games load faster since its internally stored... and it's made from Sony! In the end, it manages a 4/5.

  7.  Great Console


    Got a Xbox 360 for Christmas, and I'm loving it. Been majorly playing Assassin's Creed II, and the graphics capabilities of the Xbox 360 is awesome. If your deciding to buy a Xbox 360, let me just point out some things that could help you come to a decision.

    - The Xbox 360 is up to standards price wise as the Wii (10-30 quid?) and has a lot of great exclusive games (Halo, Gears of War, Fable etc) to play.
    - Looks appealing.
    - Has a pretty large hard drive for saving progresses in games.
    - This console has the new Jasper chipset, which is said to lessen the chances of getting RRoD. Plus, it's in dark black.

    Some bad points here, that I personally think is holding down this package's potential:

    - No HDMI cables supplied to play in HD, despite previously having it in older packages.
    - Still a possibility of RRoD, even with Jasper chipset and still makes a rather large noise.
    - Need to buy a charge set for controllers, or change batteries when the power is dead, rather than supplying a USB lead or something to do so.
    - Disc tray problems are still unfixed, so it could scratch your disc or just not open properly. Think laser!

    Some key points, but hey still 4/5 because it's overall a great console, good price for gaining loads more than expected, and using the extra money to just buy the essential accessories not included.

  8.  Great game for my PSP Collection


    The graphics are great, considering what can be done with the PSP's capability. It's too bad Altair's voice is not the same as in Assassin's Creed, and sounded more of an Arabic voice, but you get used to it.

    The storyline can keep you going for 5-10 hours, which is a shame, since I have an Assassin's Creed game on my iPod Touch that lasts just as long. You still have the same weapons as in AC1, but it seemed a bit easier to kill soldiers with the hidden blade and countering. There is an ability to upgrade, which is a nice feature, and there are goals in the game, like "Kill 100 men by countering", which gives you a feel of accomplishment. More weapons can be unlocked by connecting the PSP with the PS3, which is good for PS3 holders of Assassin's Creed 2.

    Meanwhile, subtitles have spelling mistakes, and the voices are sometimes delayed, which gives people the feeling that there wasn't alot of effort put into creating the game. However, one cool thing is you can go back to other Memory Blocks, and fight bosses again or collect the Templar Coins.

    Overall, its 4/5; would have been 5/5, but I felt as if the game could have been of a better standard in gameplay, and kills could have been harder. Great game still though, so a must buy.

  9.  A must have for Xbox 360


    What can I say? Ubisoft Montreal made the word "Assassin" popular. This game lasts more than 20 hours of gameplay, and really is fun; well only if you play less than 3 hours a day, since it can become repetitive, but if you avoid that, you won't get tired of this game.

    It's best if you play this, before continuing onto the recent release of Assassin's Creed II, since you won't know the storyline AT ALL, and after playing the second one and then playing the first one, you will think this isn't as great, so play this first.

    Graphics are stunning, and a must to play in HD, since you really are missing out playing in SD. Most of the people who say it becomes repetitive play more than 3 hours a session, which is sadistic and also unhealthy, so don't get discouraged by the large amount of people saying this isn't as good as it sounds.

    Must have for a Xbox. Assassin's Creed II as well.

  10.  Playing as little as an hour can amaze you...


    I've played the PC version of Assassin's Creed, and it really hooked me into the series. I would have bought the first game for Xbox, if it wasn't sold out, so I decided to play with the second one for now.

    This made it the first game I bought for my new Xbox 360. I've been busy and haven't played much, but I noticed the excellent graphics; even without using a HDMI cable! Sure, I haven't gotten near to Ezio's father, brothers, etc being killed yet, but it's still fun at the start, with all the side tasks and all.

    Overall, I give it a 5/5 for now; I might change it in the future, as I progress through the game, but I'll stick with this rating for now. It's a must buy right now - get it!