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  1.  Stunning RPG. One of the very best Wii games.


    I did not buy this at release because I was not sure but after seeing it is 91 plus reviews I had to give it a go. As a long time gamer this totally renewed my love for RPG's. Graphics are good for the Wii and the world is so beautiful it looks to equal any HD PS3 or XBox360 game in vidual effects. The world is open and you will be happily surprised with the size and volume of this game.

    Characters are well balanced and easy to swop in and out of your fighting group depending on your situation and just how much fun you're having. This game really comes a live with the story and combat. The story is one of the best in any RPG with plenty of war and death to make you want to travel the world in revenge. There are many new ideas in the ways characters interact with each other and all make the game much the better.

    The combat system may be similar to other RPG's. Physical attacks, magic attack, curing and protecting but Xenoblade Chronicals adds much more with chains, breaks, and a new system to fight mechanical enemies. The conrols are very easy to use. I used the Classic Controller and it's as easy to use as any console RPG.

    In the end I just could not fault this game in any way. There is so many side quests and things to do like crafting, hunting rare monsters, rebuilding a small city. You will never run out of things to do. This is a truely beautiful game and I am instantly a fan. Definitely a must own for any Wii gamer.

    I gave it 5 stars but out of 100 it would have to be easily a 94/95.

  2.  Fantastic experiance


    One of the great games you may not have played. Starts off slow enough to get to grips with but advances to a great challenge. This is a good thinking game, lots of fun, a little humor and Nintendo through and through. I recommend anyone with a Wii give this a go it will not disappoint.

  3.  Brilliant drama, action, funny and serious.


    I've seen these all start to finish but needed to buy them and watch them all again. The only problem is series 2 which is a little slow based down the dock land. Series 3 picks up with the action series 1 had in spades. A lot of great actors. If it wasn't for series 2 this would be a 5 star product. Believe me the last series has a few good twists and is full of great television.

  4.  Good challange and lasts


    The only down fall is you have to complete it before getting to play the toughest setting but its worth doing if you want a tough game. Online play lasts longer then any other ps3 game and will keep you going for many months. A true shooter not destroyed by over complications and vehicles like alot of current shooter. A game where skill still matters.

  5.  The best console to date


    An all round machine you will love for years to come. I spend alot of time watching free music videos, free bbc tv and watching blu-ray dvds and then the hours of free online gameplay. Killzone2 still one of the best online games today. I got this model for future games like final fantasy 14 which will use up hard drive. Amazing game range and more to come, the winning high def dvd player, hard drive you will never fill and it will last the years to come.

  6.  HOT


    This album is old but still sounds as hot as ever and for the price i recommmend every rap fan buys it. Its fast hard rap at its best with some great beats. Some great rappers like Snoop, Jay-Z and Nate Dog put in on great tracks.

  7.  Epic to say the least


    I love this game, its everything that i wanted plus tones more. No other game series can deliver so much action in short bursts of time. I prefer this over slower games like CoD4 or GRAW, sure those games are top draw but dont you just want to get up off the floor and storm in with the biggest and baddest weapons in any ps3 game? This game is pure action gold, never a dull moment.

  8.  Fantastic Strogg


    Another great human vs. strogg battle but abit more technical. For people who like fast shooter action with abit of thinking about what your acturly up to in the mists of war. Great insight to new tactics you wont see anywhere else. Don't let the tactics put you off once your in the action is exteamly fast and grousem.

  9.  New and Fresh


    Dispite what alot of people have said you have to compare this to shooters today over comparing it to other FreeRadical games. Yes its not as sureal and exciting as Timesplitters but its got alot of new features and theres some very cheeky sections if your playing on hard. Im about to start it on very hard and expect a good challenge. I would recomend it to anyone who wants a solid shooter with some great moments.

  10.  best final fantasy


    people need to stop saying its not a ff it quite clearly is, it the true evolution in the series and its the best to date, only equalled maybe by xi if you have hundreds of free hours in your life, best ps2 game, best final fantasy, better combat and story over 7.