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  1.  Great YA fiction for everyone


    Romance, action, friendship. It has everything for everyone. Must read the first 3 starting with Wereworld to understand the series

  2.  Great value


    Great set, case is a dark pink and fits my Kindle touch perfect

  3.  Princess


    Loved the sons of destiny series so this was just the perfect way to stay within that world. Loved the main character, her love, rival and generally the whole story!

  4.  Come on gyal!


    Read it out of sync with the series but it didn't matter in the slightest, so easily read as a stand alone book.
    Story was compelling and easy to follow with any details provided straight away.
    The Fear follows the story of "Dognut", so named after his gaming tag and his small group of comrades trekking through the deadly streets of London looking for their friends they were separated from a year ago. They know the chances are slim with the sickos, diseased adults having a ravenous taste for children's flesh roaming the streets in packs but there has to be hope somewhere in this new nightmare of a world.
    The group face some heartbreaking losses and jubilant successes which had me enthralled the entire time.
    Very graphic and shocking. Have never read a zombie thriller before but really enjoyed it and will get the others in the series just to see how it all began. Not the best idea to have read it on my own at night though!
    No editing errors that I noticed which is something that irks me when I notice them.
    Even the hardcover book was a pleasure with the art and black edged pages.


  5.  Lord of Sex


    took me a while to get into this which was odd for me as i love the entire series but he wasnt going to find is love interest sienna from page 1 obviously.
    Paris is not the funny carefree joker we met in book 1 but atleast now he has some substance.
    There are little snippets of William and gilly emering and i really want to see more of them. Alot of the Lords were briefly mentioned but didnt have any dialogue which i thought abit disapointing. I enjoyed it but it wasnt as i thought it would be.
    Wanted to see some real turmoil but there wasnt much

  6. Bullet



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     shot dead


    actually too much sex in this book for it to be good.nothing of the original strong willed anita is left.she used to have morals but now just gets her kit off in a room full of ppl for the sake of it
    i found myself wanting abit of original dialogue that wasnt spouted in other books
    when anita had to interract with the police briefly in this there was the same old hang ups of their sexist,hate her relationships with the monsters blah blah.
    im really hoping the next books redeem the series or im out!

  7.  eyes like the moon


    great book series.ave recommended to everyone. lovely storyline of a physically disfigured boy given away at birth for being born under supersticious circumstances.he over comes all odds, finds his destiny and falls in love

  8.  harpy games


    strider is drawn into the harpy world first as an unwilling consort but soon realises what hes been missing all along.couldnt put it down!

  9.  mini story


    more a short story but goes back to anitas life as an animator and tough chick away from the men as she meets new characters and shows who she is without the others to back her up

  10.  vegas


    anita goes off on a murder investigation with the old team of edward,olaf and bernardo but now had the lycanthropy and the ardeur to deal with.like all her books its very sexy