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  1.  A must buy


    I'm not much of a reader (in fact, I barely read at all) but this book is brilliant and even better than the films, which are fantastic.

    I bought the adult version as I wasn't sure if the original would be a bit childish, however I hoped that the adult version wouldn't be too hard to follow, but thankfully it wasn't. If anyone out there isn't sure whether the adult version will be too hard to understand, boring (etc...) then I can tell you, it's not at all- and that's coming from me.

    Definite 5 stars in my opinion, and that's coming from someone who generally doesn't enjoy reading.

  2.  One of the best games to date.


    Having played this game for endless hours and nearly completing it for the third time, i can safely say that this is one of the best games out (certainly the best from rockstar). The storyline is brilliantt; i dont think i would change a thing about it. The characters are very well thought out, the missions are varied well and the game is very long.

    The negatives to the game would be the lack of customisation as you can only customise the main characters clothes (other rockstar games, including gta san andreas, allowed you to customise your player's haircut and body shape) and even this is disappointing because you are very limited without the amount of clothes you can actually buy. You cannot customise cars either, only can you change their colour via pay and spray.

    Another negative is that there is not a lot to do in the city. Planes are out of the game as well as other fun vehicles in previous gta's, and this is because the map is entirely city-based. Im happy that the game is set in new york, however this effects the free-roam as you feel as though you are just driving around past building after building with the occasional park or internet cafe going past. As this is what new york is like, i know i cannot complain too much, however it does effect the free-roam.

    Now for the positives. This is one of the longest games i think i have ever played and you dont feel bored for a second. The steering is heavier which means it is harder to drive (which i personally prefer) and the graphics for its time is very good. There is a good range of weapons, side missions, and even online game modes. I still play the game to this day and i would highly recommend it.

    The wanted system of stars is very good as you have to exit a specific area covered by the police to lose your wanted level. Police are very good and responsive to your moves and have good tactics of catching you. As i previously mentioned, the characters in the story are great; they are all varied and unique, making the game less linear and a lot more unexpected as to who youre going to meet next.

    Without a doubt i believe this game is worth the money and will stay as a classic throughout gaming:)

  3.  unexpectedley brilliant


    wow, what can i say? If someone came up to me and tried selling me a game for 35 pound where you solve challenges by using portals, id have said, no way, but this is unbelievably addictive and extremely tricky at times.

    the story is very well put together and you feel like you're actually going somewhere with it, unlike other games where you completely lose track of the story but you're just doing what another character tells you to do or whatever.

    i cannot actually believe how much fun a game can be when all you do is shoot portals and move stuff about, it is amazing and a huge thumbs up to the creators of the game for making this so fun. however i will say this; do not cheat like i did, at times i found certain bits tricky and just wanted to figure out what to do, so the game only lasted me 2 or 3 days in the single player. i'd rather spend hours on one challenge if it meant i could have a longer more fun game.

    if you are questioning whether this is the game for you, it is, no matter what games you like you'l love this no doubt.

  4.  Worth buying the DVD


    This may not have been a big budget movie, but it is definately worth viewing. I take my hat off to the 2 girls who played typical 15 year old teenagers, as they really played their parts very well and very realistically. It's a shame not many people have heard of this British film, but it is worth watching.

  5.  it depends what person you are


    if you are considering whether to get an xbox or a ps3, then read this as i have played and experienced both. if you are a person who plays sometimes when theres not much to do, or you just feel like chilling for a bit, get a ps3; the graphics are usually better in games, it plays blue ray discs, and the online is free. i started off with a ps3 and i thought it was really good, then i decided to try out an xbox too, which for me was better.

    the xbox suits me as i play on it most days, i am quite good at most of the games and i often play with my friends. Yes it's true, you pay for xbox live, BUT, you get more out of it; the servers are better, there are different types of chat modes for friends, and the players are usually better.

    all in all the ps3 is a very very good console and there aren't many bad points about it, it's just that xbox are usually better at what they do when it comes to what the regular gamers want.

  6.  very good, although..


    i ordered this pen on a friday as it looked quite cool and it was a lot cheaper than anywhere else which is really good. as i wasnt home when it was delivered (on a wednesday i think), i sat home waiting until friday, a week after i ordered, and i was a little disappointed to find something that i was waiting for badly was actually delivered wednesday and given to my neighbour without any note to say that they were here, which made me wait longer when i needed it earlier.

    that aside, when i got the actual pen, i immediately put it on charge and read the instructions (which, to be honest, were really basic and didn't include information i actually needed). I took a test video, imported the it to my windows 7 laptop, and when i played it back, there was sound, but no picture, and what was even more strange, is when i switched it to photo mode, there was picture, just no picture in actual film. i honestly spent, at least, four hours trying to find the cause to this problem, and finally realised (which wasn't the instructions) that you needed to go on vlc media player to view it properly. i even shouted YEAAAHHHHHHH when i could actually play it back properly.

    other than those annoying things, as soon as i got to using it, it was extremely good. the picture quality, considering, it is only a 2mm camera, it was very very good. Sound reaches fairly far for a small object, even though it isnt the best quality which is understandable. the pen comes with 4 ink cartridges which is handy, and it is very suttle.

    all in all, the actual object your buying is extremely good, just a shame that it was unclear and came days earlier, without me even realising.

  7.  why all the bad reviews???


    this game to me is by far the best call of duty game to date. they have included zombies, which is a lot more fun than cod5, wager matches (where you can gamble the money you've earned in online games), theatre mode, where you can reply all games you've played from up to a week and move at any angle any time, slow or fast, and terrific online experience. Every call of duty game will have campers, that's just what people do, and treyarch are tying hard to stop camping, and i think they have succeeded; they have made the game so that you won't get as many kills as others if you camp.

    the only bad thing about this game is how long it takes to find wager match games (as there are lots of different types and you cannot join midway), and to have the quality a little better, even though i do prefer the way it looks- a little more cartoonish, but NOT too much, and that they have gotten rid of quickscoping (because when you aim down the sight of a sniper rifle, the aim moves around for half a second before focusing) which did no harm and if anything, made it harder for the people trying to do it.

    another element to the game i like is the currency. this is where you can buy what gun you want, as long as you have unlocked it first, this means that you're not told what guns you get and when, this allows you to save up for good guns, or get good perks, equipment, gun camos, different red dot sights, different colours (etc...) you can even make your own player card to put on your gun where you choose images and make your own to represent you as a player.

    i have not yet tried single player but from what i've seen it looks good. also, there were some things with cod6 that annoyed people and they have gotten rid of, such as overpowered shotguns as secondry weapons, ridiculous perks which actually incouraged people to camp, and so on.

    all in all it's a good game which for me is 9/10 for a call of duty game, to make it better, they need to bring back quick scoping, find games quicker, and the rest of the stuff i wrote about earlier but cant be asked scrolling back up again, lol.

    get this game, cod gamer or not :)

  8.  one of a kind


    heavy rain is different, for me, different in a good way, an outstanding way. people say that this would be better in a film, which i highly disagree with, the point is to choose what YOU want to happen and what you want to do. in a film, there's only one way it can end, as you're not doing anything other than watching, the point of heavy rain is to do it yourself, as if you are the actual people choosing what to say/ do. this for me is one of the most emotional games ive played; not just because the game can end in different ways, but because you get so attatched to the characters, especially ethen mars.

    sometimes you just want to jump in the tv and help him, even though that sound a bit wierd, but it's just such a different game, and such a success in my eyes. this game isnt all about pressing a button and the screen move on, not only do you have to pay close attention and be fast (which for me is tense and quite enjoyable), but you also have to do a number of things to try and figure out where to go and what to do

    the people involved should feel proud of this game, as it gave me goosebumps and made me feel for the characters so much. after completing the game i can see why its a 15, purely because it can get so emotianal. this is for me one of the best games in 2010.

    overall, if you are a person who enjoys playing shooting games and nothing much else, then save your money, if your one of the people like me who like most types of games, and pay close attention to the detail and story of the game, then please, GET THIS

  9.  why all the bad reviews ?


    ok, lets get something straight, this is a game which in my opinion, is better than most gta games. i admit that this is a pretty short game and i completed it in 4 days on the hardest difficulty, so fair enough, there is no online which was slightly disappointing, but to be honest, i cant think of any more bad things to say about the game than the above.

    the scene clips graphics are good, not great, but good, but the in game graphics are acceptionally good.
    even though the map LOOKS quite small, i should imagine it would take a while before driving from one end of it to the other, the details are amazing, not just inside but also outside, there are a large choice of cars, especially after you leave prison when it isnt snowing anymore.

    the hand to hand combat is fine, even though theres not much more you can do other than hard punch, light punch, and block, so theres nothing to really talk about there, but the most impressive thing is the story; how many people you meet, how much the missions vary, considering its a third person shooter based in the 1940s, to me, it's one of the best games of 2010 so far.

    you can rob stores, buy guns, crush cars into scrap metal (and get paid for it :D) and buy stuff for your car; alloys, paint, upgrades, and even make your own registration plate!

    even though there are some minor problems, PLEASE, i beg of you, just try it out, you wont be disappointed, and even if you are, go back to mw2 and camp in the corner of a room with grenade launchers, lol.

  10.  good


    i have played this game for a while now and i think its quite good. even though it's not as good as normal gta games, i think its still quite fun and a lot of detail as been put into it. e.g. the size of the maps are HUGE. its unbelievable. but the only problem is, even though its big and everything, its mainly just grass and trees. which is why i think i prefer normal city like gta as there is a lot more to do. even though you can camp and kill animals and sell them and everything, after a while it does get a little boring shooting an animal and waitin 10 seconds for him to slice it up. and then you go back to the shops and sell them and get money. its ok but not as good as wat i was hoping